Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some More New York Photos

I've got the sprinkler on the front lawn which looks like a checkerboard - and I didn't even design it, that's the sad thing! Lots of totally dead patches from those sod web worms, seems I did NOT get the bug killer pellets down at JUST the right time to get rid of them, and what the sod web worms haven't killed, the drought has. We've had about 1/2 inch of rain during the last 7 weeks - next to nothing since those June floods! The only green spots on my front law are where the tree roots and shrub roots haven't sucked up all the water that I laboriously poured on the lawn with the sprinkler 2 weeks ago. Now I'm doing it all over again. My quarterly water bill will probably be about $200. Sigh. Here's happy stuff. A few more pics from that fantastic shop that dondelion and I stumbled across one day when we were headed toward Fifth Avenue where I wanted to window shop. As it turned out, we spent so much time at charming store dondelion and I stumbled is McKenzie-Childs. Great gifts!

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