Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Las Vegas Pics

I'm working on the 8 inch Acer netbook in Las Vegas so I'm not sure how the spread between the pictures will turn out. These are more photos at the Wynn. The building in the first photo is actually the Encore, a companion property to the Wynn. The Wynn was built in part upon the site of the former Desert Inn, a hotel I remember fondly from my first visit to Las Vegas in 1980. When Mr. Don and I visited in November, 2003, the Desert Inn had been closed and had been used in a - I believe - Jackie Chan (or was it a James Bond?) movie - and spectacular special effects showed explosions coming out of some of the windows evidently. By the time we'd arrived, the filming was over, but the evidence of the "explosures" was plain to see on the skin of the old Desert Inn Hotel - scorch marks all over the place! Shortly after we left Las Vegas that year, the Desert Inn fell to the wrecking ball. It was a sad day for many Las Vegans, as an original part of the "old" city disappeared to the gigantic Wynn complex.

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