Thursday, August 20, 2009


Some Las Vegas pics. Here is a photo of our hotel room on arrival day, Mr. Don is hard at work at the table. The next photos were taken at the Wynn yesterday morning. They don't do justice to the beautiful waterfalls and small lake/lagoon surrounded by lush greenery and artificial rock outcroppings. It's all fake, but it is lovely and it's fun. While we've been here, Las Vegas has been reaching record-breaking temperatures - figures! Yesterday 106 F; today, 108F. Tomorrow perhaps 109F, but we're flying home tomorrow early morning, thank Goddess! I love the feel of Las Vegas and we've had a great time here visiting Isis and Michelle and celebrating my 39th (ahem) birthday, but the heat is overwhelming; even short walks from casino to shops to casino to restaurant, etc., can be quite overwhelming!

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