Sunday, August 16, 2009


JanXena and dondelion are officially on vacation -- as of yesterday. Posts will be sparse or non-existent, until probably Saturday August 22. I AM keeping up with my chess games, however. I will take along to Las Vegas my Acer netbook that did such fine duty while we were in New York in May :) -- just so I can continue to play. I'm losing three of those four games but it really has been quite educational. My game with Chess Daddy is in early days; at this point no way to tell how it will go. I'm trying not to fall into that mental trap "he's got an actual rating and therefore he will smush me like a bug on a windshield". Maybe it's the weather front that is coming through, tossing thousands of twigs on my trees around like pick-up sticks (I get to do all of the pick-up) -- the humidity is slowly (ever so S-L-O-W-L-Y) lowering and even though I am not taking a nap like dondelion has (since about 4:30 p.m., with no end in sight) I am feeling re-energized. Yeah, baby! This is one of my favorite pics. (I'm sure I've written about it before). It was taken on top of Mount Royal (Montreal) in October, 2002. I look pregnant - I wasn't - trust me on that! I did have a lot of stuff in my pockets and that distorted the line of that jacket -- which I wear to this very day. A stranger, the dad of the little kid hanging out on the ledge/wall to the left of donelion, obligingly took this pic with dondelion's camera. Later that night, dondelion and I left from Montreal enroute to Madrid. It was a happy time, and also a very sad time. The trip to Madrid had been planned to visit Ricardo and Carmen Calvo, but Ricardo passed away on September 16, 2002. I haven't written much about it. Even after all this time, I still tear up thinking about it. The time isn't yet here where I can write about that trip with the proper perspective. Someday we will go back. Suffice to say, I think that dondelion is as handsome as ever, and he doesn't seem to mind all my myriad imperfections - or the fact that I've gone away from my natural red-head hair color and these days sport a suitable "Xena, Warrior Princess" nearly black hair color. Hmmmm, does that mean something serious???

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