Sunday, January 31, 2010

Follow-up: Cao Cao had 72 fake tombs!

Holy Goddess! This guy really was paranoid! I thought it was conclusively confirmed that the tomb recently uncovered was that of Cao Cao.  But now, evidently, DNA tests are being ordered (?) in order to confirm the identity of the bodies recovered from this tomb.

Prior posts on Cao Cao:

Fudan solicits DNA samples to determine authenticity of Cao Cao's tomb
16:44, January 25, 2010

Does the ancient tomb found in Anyang, Henan province belong to Cao Cao? Or is it just one of 72 fake graves built by the suspicious Cao Cao?

Facing endless questioning by people from all walks of life, some scientists have decided not to stand by anymore - The MOE Key Laboratory of Contemporary Anthropology under Fudan University has announced that they will collect the Y chromosomes from men whose surname is Cao nationwide for testing.

Through testing and classifying the Y chromosome types of these men, they will calculate the Y chromosome characteristics that Cao Cao should have by means of sequence alignment, thus they can use DNA technology to test the authenticity of Cao Cao's tomb.

By People's Daily Online

Evidently there was an internet uproar when the archaeologists who discovered and excavated the tomb announced that this was the Cao Cao.  Oh no no, said lots of people.  Against all odds, the archaeologists actually listened to public opinion!  Wow - those dudes down in Oxford, Alabama (see post from earlier today) could take a clue or two from the Communist Chinese.  Eek!

Here are some other articles on the controversy:

Anthropologists to identify Cao Cao's tomb by genetic analysis
09:38, January 27, 2010
Anthropologists with the Shanghai-based Fudan University announced Tuesday that they would collect DNA samples of possible offsprings of Cao Cao, a renowned politician and general in ancient China, to help confirm whether the tomb excavated in the central province of Henan is his.

Experts hope DNA can unlock Chinese warlord's secrets
January 26, 2010
Scientists said Tuesday they hope to collect DNA from hundreds of men surnamed Cao so they can prove a recently excavated tomb in central China belongs to the legendary warlord Cao Cao.

Netizens keep digging into tomb ownership
08:35, January 15, 2010
Two press conferences and dozens of interviews by experts over the past two weeks have failed to quiet the unprecedented public debate on the ownership of an ancient tomb discovered in Anyang, Henan province.

Archaeological officials believe the tomb belongs to Cao Cao (AD 155 to 220), a legendary ruler during China's most dramatic historical period, the Three Kingdoms (AD 220 to 280). But skepticism spread like wildfire soon after the discovery was revealed to the public on Dec 7.


Unknown said...

...caO(2d element of etruscan prayer)=hecate ehecatl(N/day2tona)=
wind, weaving, venus goddess=
c/chaos(sp/E). the prayer found in
the linen book/Liber Linteus. or
simply, ca-/being-O/Ollin(N)=holy,
rolling. 72 is the number of times
the 260day tonalamatl deer calendar
goes into a 52yr period of 4 suits,
e.g., cards=ca(r)t/l/ds(letra)=
ecatl(N)=wind. evidence enough that
cao cao's astronomers were using
the venus/venison deer calendar
and a form of the first language,
nauatl. cao cao seems to have kept
the tonalamatl the same way the aztecs did: without a leapyear
intercalation. now i'll look for his dates, most turbulent(windy)
reign in china, you say?

Jan said...

Hola Carlos,

I do not have a lot of knowledge about ancient Chinese history - only bare bones. Looking at his date of birth and death, circa 155 to 220 CE, he lived during the last days of the Han Dynasty. Things would have gotten increasingly chaotic during his lifetime.

When the Han Dynasty collapsed the period that followed was called The Three Kingdoms, and I believe it was filled with non-stop violence and warfare and chaos, similar to what had happened in ancient Egypt 2400 years before, when the Old Kingdom collasped. I tend to think of the condition then similar to what is going on in Somalia and Sudan today.

Unknown said...

...too true, caOs is in the minds
of people today, those minds are
the vegetable garden from which
the stew is made. we are in 2 days
for 11 rabbit/tochtli=the earth,
i notice in these blank days=nemontemi(N), we've had an
8.8 seismic in chile. tochtli=
ocho=8.8=earth=rabbit, it
hops. i said a few days ago,
because of the death and flower prince number, 11, which is in
the trecena of flintdog, a lot
of innocent and harmless people
would lose their lives, either to
flintstone or the dog's nose of war, the wind is up and Ollin
i'm on the side of a hill
in central mex high plains, we've
never had a rumble here, well,
in the df quake of '86, pachita,
our maid, mentioned the glasses
tinkled=chalani(N) on her shelves
but nothing more.
i am reading my back pages for
this site, had no idea i'd written
so much, like a blacksmith hammering away and not feeling the
heat. one day, si diós quiere,
i'll bundle them all in a cyber-
book so the little devils can
multiply in the mind's eye, altho
they're doing good here.tks.

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