Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 World Youth Chess Championships

And speaking of Narmin Kazimova (see post below) - she is IN NUMBER 1 after Round 9, despite losing her R9 game!  You go, girl!  Here are the top 10 Girls' U-18:

Rk.NameFEDRtgPts. TB1 
1WIMKazimova Narmin NizamiAZE22607,517699
2WGMCori T DeysiPER23687,035,0
3Rakhmangulova AnastasiyaUKR21537,034,0
4WIMTsatsalashvili KetiGEO22667,032,5
5CMBhakti KulkarniIND22947,031,5
6FMStetsko LanitaBLR21486,517393
7WIMBulmaga IrinaROU22676,017606
8WIMHoang Thi Nhu YVIE22146,017554
9WIMVo Thi Kim PhungVIE21476,017551
10Iordanidou ZoiGRE21526,017267
11WIMHavlikova KristynaCZE23186,017220
12WFMWarakomska AnnaPOL21886,016956
13WFMEfroimski MarselISR22446,016790

Here are the current standings of the entire Team USA (compare start number in first column at the left to the Rk. (Rank) column second to last, on the right):

56Kumar Aravind0USA1011½110½6,015Open U08
62Liang Awonder0USA11½10½0116,017Open U08
87Praveen Balakrishnan0USA1101010116,022Open U08
104Taghizadeh Rayan0USA½1½½½11016,023Open U08
1Sevian Samuel2105USA1111½10016,510Open U10
16FMHe Tommy O1830USA1011111017,06Open U10
19Xiong Jeffrey1824USA111½011117,53Open U10
24Panchanatham Vignesh1803USA01111½0116,512Open U10
43Chiang Jonathan1714USA½101½10105,048Open U10
153Wheeler Cameron0USA111½1½0117,04Open U10
5Troff Kayden W2216USA1111½11107,51Open U12
12Williams Justus D2155USA101½111½06,019Open U12
14Wu Christopher2138USA011½011½05,051Open U12
20Colas Joshua2068USA½110111005,529Open U12
24Chandran Kapil2058USA1½1½½01116,515Open U12
31Viswanadha Kesav2017USA½011½010½4,577Open U12
79Lin Dachey1805USA01001011½4,587Open U12
120Beilin Allan0USA0½½½½½½½½4,0110Open U12
25Adelberg David2201USA1½1011½005,037Open U14
46Shetty Atulya2092USA1100½1½105,042Open U14
26FMZierk Steven C2391USA1111½½½117,52Open U18
58Haskel Jeffrey2229USA0101½01014,561Open U18
4WFMWang Annie0USA1110½1½117,04Girls U08
34Joanna Liu0USA1011½1½005,026Girls U08
54Nguyen Emily0USA1011110016,011Girls U08
64Ramesh Kaavya0USA0110110116,015Girls U08
41Devina Devagharan0USA½1½10½0½04,062Girls U10
79Palakollu Samritha0USA111½00½½15,522Girls U10
90Singh Reva0USA101011½004,546Girls U10
107Zlotchevsky Nicole0USA101½½01½15,528Girls U10
29WCMChiang Sarah1864USA1011100015,032Girls U14
79WCMMunoz Claudia0USA1½½½010014,549Girls U14
95Regam Jessica0USA½10101½0½4,548Girls U14
46Matlin Anna1923USA101010½1½5,035Girls U16
37Datta Anjali2025USA01½0½0½½14,050Girls U18
9Hua Margaret1943USA1101½½1106,014Girls U12
59WFMLiao Simone1673USA1010½01115,531Girls U12
62Oreshko Mariya1651USA01010110½4,563Girls U12
82Dong Alice0USA0½10½½0103,587Girls U12
113Virkud Apurva0USA0½½½010103,590Girls U12

As you can see, Awonder Liang, 7 years old, a member of my adopted chess club, the Southwest Chess Club, rebounded well after his R7 loss, scoring 2 wins in Rs 8 and 9.  Incredibly, all of the young men playing in the U8 Open for the USA are on 6.0, and all are far far ahead of their initial start positions (a very good thing).  Cameron Wheeler in the Open U10 is having an excellent tournament, moving from 153rd to 4th, Kayden Troff is holding down first place in the Open U12, and Steven Zierk is currently in 2nd place in the Open U18.

The chess femmes' progress in this Championship is not, perhaps, quite as striking as that of some of the boys, but notable performances include Annie Wang Girls U8 in 4th place with 7.0/9 - amazing to me she's only in 4th place with this fine score, it's obviously a very tough competition; the other three girls playing in the Girls U8 have also moved up and done well relative to their original start places:  Joanna Liu, 5.0/9; Emily Nguyen, 6.0/9; and Ramash Kaavya, 6.0/9.  There are other good performances, including Claudia Munoz, but I'm too tired tonight to write further about other girls I've noted.

The end is coming up quickly - last round (11) will be held on October 30.  At least these kids will be home for Thanksgiving!

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