Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Noble Path - by Crispin Sandford

This is another wonderful poem of Crispin's.

The Noble Path

We call upon you to fulfill your dream, the promise within you we your brothers have seen. We call upon your vigor strength and virtue, to enflame that purpose within you.

We have seen your gains and pleasures in winning and pursuing other endeavors and so seeing have wept, for too long has this promise waited to be kept; and you enjoy ANY kind of happiness too much.

We do not and indeed cannot push with the same weight and authority as your own virtue and integrity, but we do remind you such wonderful happiness awaits you, and we remind you, you’ve greater things to do and such glorious things why wouldn’t you, follow the noble path you have before you.

Crispin H. Sandford

The Noble Path Copyright 2004 Crispin H. Sandford. All Rights Reserved. Printed by the Parley Press in the USA.

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