Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chess Femme News!

Just a few items this evening - I must get to work on m friend's family tree, must have it finished for presentation on November 17.  I'm getting there, but I keep finding new family members and it's hard to resist following the new clues.  So far, I haven't been able to resist, but I must, I must!

News regarding the upcoming Women's World Chess Championship which is supposed to be held in Turkey December 2 - 25, 2010.  That is really crappy, actually, making any competitors who may be Christians play over the Christmas holiday - and in a Muslim country, no less.  Geez, dudes, great planning.  But then, FIDE doesn't give a hoot about the welfare and preferences of the chessplayers who actually feed it's existence.  It's all about what country or federation coughs up the most money to line the pockets of the corrupt chess politicians.  Where have we heard this tune before?  It's disgusting.  Mind you - I won't believe that this Championship is actually going to be held until it starts - we shall see...

Women's World Chess Championship in Hatay to host Elina Danielyan and Lilit Mkrtchyan
October 28, 2010 - 18:43 AMT 13:43 GMT
PanARMENIAN.Net - On December 2-25, Turkish province of Hatay will host Women's World Chess Championship.

Elina Danielyan and Lilit Mkrtchyan, European Chess Club Cup 2010 bronze winners, will represent Armenia at the tournament.

[Note: Mkrtchian had a very good showing in the 2008 Women's World Chess Championship, making it to the quarter-finals, but she lost 1.5/0.5 to GM Hou Yifan of China.]

Also from
Ashot Vardapetyan pleased with Mika’s results at European Chess Club Cup
October 28, 2010 - 16:00 AMT 11:00 GMT
PanARMENIAN.Net - Members of Mika women’s club, who won bronze medals at the European Chess Club Cup, and club head Ashot Vardapetyan met with journalists on October 28 to comment on the results of the tournament.

Vardapetyan said he is pleased with the results. “Other teams prepare scrupulously for each match against Mika,” he noted.

Mika women’s chess club was formed in 2004 to win champion’s title two years later. In 2007, they won bronze. Men’s club won silver medals in 2009.

At the World Youth Chess Championships, my girl Narmin Kazimova is playing excellently, and I am so very pleased for her!  This is a news report on her progress and how some of the other Azeri chess femmes are doing after Round 8:

Azerbaijani chess player leading in world championship in Greece
Thu 28 October 2010 11:52 GMT | 6:52 Local Time
The world chess championship among youth continues in Halkidiki (Greece).
Eight rounds have already been played. Azerbaijan is represented by 20 chess players. Eight of our representatives are currently among top ten. Narmin Kazimov[a] leading in U-18 contest with 7.5 points should be singled out.

Abdulla Gadimbeyli (U-8), Kenan Izzet (U-14), Sabina Ibrahimova (U-16) and Aydan Khojatova (U-12) taking second, third and fourth places also continue the struggle.

Khanim Balajayeva (U-10), Ulviya Fataliyeva (U-14), Sabina Ibrahimova (U-16) and Aydan Khojatova (U-12) are also among top ten.

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