Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Harappan Era "Stone Toys" Discovered in Kutch?

The Lothal artifacts.  Game
pieces, most likely.  But, could
they possibly be chess pieces?
"Stone toys" - could they be what some Indian archaeologists have identified as "chess pieces" from Lothal?  The article is tantalizing, and provides almost no information!

From The Times of IndiaOrnaments of Harappan era found in Kutch
TNN, Jan 5, 2011, 10.50pm IST

BHUJ: In a remarkable finding, officials of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) have recovered a number of artifacts belonging to Harappan era from Khirsara (Netra-Gadhwali) in Nakhatrana taluka of Kutch district during an ongoing excavation.

Jitendra Das, superintending archaeologist, excavation branch ASI Baroda, said: "At least two necklaces, resembling present-day gold ornaments, have been recovered beside other artifacts like stone toys, utensils, weighing stones etc. The ornaments are similar to those recovered from a Harappan site in Lothal, near Ahmedabad. The artifacts will be sent to laboratory for determining their age."

A fifteen-member team of ASI has been camping at the site for past 18 months with over sixty labourers deployed at the site. The excavation is being carried out on a ten-acre plot of land.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

...why not? i see a rook, a knight=
to me!(what an embattled King would
yell when he was surrounded in battle).
note, it's the quickest way to yell
for help. the Mayans used, bic,
when travelling through the selva.
and pawnsfoot. the triangular pieces,
i notice there are only 2, so it must
be a game, would be the Alfiles/bishops, as they make triangulos of squares,
ah, triangle=tianguiz(N)=market,
quite a tangle of mecates, but
without string what's a market?

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