Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Top Female Players

December, 2010 List from USCF (top 10 only):

1Krush, Irina (12543137)NYUSA2552
2Zatonskih, Anna (12873912)NYUSA2525
3Abrahamyan, Tatev (12851435)CAUSA2410
4Baginskaite, Camilla (12716466)SDUSA2379
5Melekhina, Alisa (12726115)PAUSA2361
6Belakovskaia, Anjelina (12559824)AZUSA2354
7Foisor, Sabina-Francesca (14012260)MDUSA2347
8Zenyuk, Iryna (12846035)PAUSA2320
9Rohonyan, Katerina (12973020)WAUSA2319
10Grinfeld, Alla (12717614)NYUSA2252

GM Judit Polgar checked in at #53 on the January, 2011 FIDE Top 100 ratings list (not women-only) with a rating of 2686.  The elite players are all now rated above 2700, with the top 3 in the world rated above 2800!

Coming back down to earth, here is the list of the top 10 women on the FIDE world list:

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