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"Pharonic" Tombs Discovered

The article is a little unclear -- are these tombs of early pharaohs, or are they graves of people who worked on building the tombs for the pharaohs  - but I sure got the point that the sewer workers who accidentally uncovered these graves were very pissed off that they were being left out of their "fair share."  From such dire poverty and ignorance (not to mention greed) is wholesale antiquities looting born...  Wonder how long it will take for Hawi Zahass to show up?  Oops - Zahi Hawass - to show up - okay, okay, I know it's an old joke that only readers of our really old old stuff at "Goddesschess Discussion Group" at Delphi Forums.  Wonder if it's even still there?  Haven't checked for a couple of years now...

Discovery of the tombs builders of the pyramids
Sun, 10/01/2010 - 16:16

Discovery of the tombs builders of the pyramids

Workers in Abu Yasseen village in Sharqiya Governorate found three pharaonic coffins and other artefacts while digging as part of a sewage project in the village.

Eye witnesses said two of the coffins were smashed. The antiquities were transferred to the governorate capital Zagazig, where they will be examined by experts. Guards imposed security around the coffins and the area where they were found.

Clashes erupted when workers demanded a share of their discovery while antiquities authority employees were transferring the artefacts.

“I found a huge stone less than one meter away from the earth’s surface, while digging for the project,” said Osama Mohamed Hammad, one of the laborers. “I informed the supervisor. People then gathered and said it was a pharaonic coffin.”

Hammad said representatives of the antiquities authority, which is part of the Ministry of Culture, took some of the artefacts that were found beside the coffins.

Antiquities official Ibrahim Soliman said Abu Yasseen village is known for the presence of antiquities and the Culture Ministry is aware of this, adding that he will inspect the area and announce any new antiquities found.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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