Monday, January 17, 2011

What's the big deal about the Chinese Tiger Mother?

I read the Chua's commentary on her book in The Wall Street Journal and I've read several articles and blog entries after the uproar!  Here is one I read this morning at The New York Times

For Xi Wangmu's sake!  Relax, people!  Amy Chua is not a demon mother from Hell and her children sound well-adjusted and normal to me - besides being very accomplished.  Chua taught them the fine arts of discipline and hard work and those are invaluable lessons to learn.  Alas, too often today these are lessons that are not being taught to American children, and we see the consequences in mediocre test scores and the greedy rantings of the "me me me and only me" generations that such parental laziness has produced since the 1960's.   

My parents were not perfect, but I thanked them many times after I reached adulthood for the lessons they taught all of us - lessons that have stood me and my siblings in good stead over the ensuing years:  (1) No one will ever give you anything worth having for free; (2) Whatever you want you will have to work your butt off to get it for yourself; (3) Support each other.  My folks taught us these precepts both by words and by their actions not only as we were growing up but throughout the course of their lives.  These lessons don't sound much different than what Ms. Chua was attempting, in her own way, to teach her own kids.

My solution for solving the problem of encroaching and soon-to-be-overwhelming mediocrity and ennui in American society -  more Chinese Tiger Mother types!

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Unknown said...

...the big deal is Tiger mothers
continue the chitonic/chthonic/sparky
cave deity parade, from Tlatla=
T/l/Ra onwards Cybele/Kubaba.
Fire Deity,=t/ler/l/tl(letra)=
(OE)=learning(E). Leon/Le(or)nian.
but tiger is special as,
midwife, as feline/Ocelotl(N) is
totem animal of birthing cave Tlatla.
there's a t(r)ick/ticitl(N) to it.

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