Monday, January 17, 2011

XIVth Colloquium Board Game Studies May 2011

The XIVth International Board Games Colliquium will be held in Brugge, Belgium this year:  KHBO-Spellenarchief, Campus KHBO, May 4th – 7th, 2011.
Here is a reminder of the original "call for papers" - there's still time to submit an abstract.  February 1, 2011 is the deadline!!!!!

Summaries, Abstracts and PresentationsParticipants interested in presenting a paper should submit a topic title and informal summary, written in English, not exceeding 200 words. Summaries should be submitted by February 1th 2011.

You can use name.doc or name.docx or name.pdf as file format.

If your paper is accepted, you will be asked to make a presentation at the Colloquium. You will then need to submit a formal abstract (you may use your summary as your abstract). These abstracts, of 200-500 words, due 28th Februray 2011, will be printed in the colloquium programme, which all participants will receive at registration, all abstracts must be in English.

All presentations will be given in English and should not exceed 30 minutes; there will be a 10 minutes period for questions following each presentation.

Please make a Powerpoint (name.ppt or name.pptx for Windows or Mac) ) or Keynote (name.key for Mac) to support your presentation.

Summaries, abstracts and enquiries should be emailed to Piet Notebaert (
Detailed information on program, registration, colloquium dinner, etc. will be available at the beginning of 2011.

Link to official website

Where to stay - in English. 

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