Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 U.S. Chess Championships

Young buck Sam Shankland has lept to the top of the pack in the B Group in the Championship.  For a dude who last year swore up and down he was quitting chess, that's pretty darn good.  LOL!  Good for you, Sam Shankland, keep up the good chess.  He's a cutie and he has a lot of passion for the game, always a good combination in my eyes :)

Larry Christiansen (wily veteran) and Robert Hess (another young buck) are behind him with 2.0 each.

In the A Group, Kamsky, Shulman, and Ivanov (all wily veterans) are on 2.0 each. 

Women's cross-table after R3:

I'm still not clear on what's going on with this event.  At this point, I know there is another round tomorrow for the ladies (the men, too).  After that, I don't know! 

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