Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We're Here in Sunny Las Vegas!

Whew - finally!  Flight went smoothly except for some turbulence here and there, nothing that was nerve-rattling, thank goddess!  I left behind about 34 degrees and sleety/snowy/rainy yechy when the cab came at 9:30 this morning.  Arrived in mostly sunny skies and 80 degrees in LV and am still in the process of cooling down my hotel room!  What a change - from turning down my heat this morning to 60 at the house and turning on the AC in this room!

After what seemed an unusual amount of frustrations I finally got the WIFI going and paid for three days access.  Well, it's a cheap hotel but excellent location on the Strip, so I don't mind paying for WIFI access.  Wish the air conditioning unit was a little less noisy, but then, it does tend to drown out the sounds of partying and , er, other activities on either side of me when Vegas really gets going about 2 in the morning, if you know what I mean. 

As you can tell since I'm writing this, the Southwest Airlines jet that brought me here did not lose it's roof at 38,000 feet!  It was a full flight - at the most there were like 2 seats left over.  Wow!  For a shitty economy people from Milwaukee sure are still piling into Vegas.  Flight arrived right on time and the shuttle ride actually took less than an hour!  Amazing, absolutely amazing.  I'm waiting for Mr. Don to get here from where he's staying (Riviera) which is not that far from me as the crow flies but in Las Vegas there is no such thing as a straight line for pedestrians :)  He suggested I head out and meet him half way but, knowing our hopeless senses of direction we'd miss each other by 10 feet and be wandering around all night trying to find each other and missing messages at our hotels. We are both dinosaurs - no cell phones!  I hate the fricking things, truth be told.  Before, at least I would have relatively peaceful and quite rides on the bus - but NOW, I am subjected to the most stupid drivel and most intimate secrets of strangers that - trust me - I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.  Have people no shame?  Geez! 

The weather promises to be beautiful while we're here, except perhaps windy tomorrow and Thursday.  Sure beats what I left behind in Milwaukee!

Now, about that family tree I put together for 'Sis and Michelle - whew!  I STILL haven't finished the monster.  Well, it's my own darn fault.  Instead of steadily working on print-outs, hole punching and organizing the stuff in this gigantic binder I bought, I kept digging for further information.  So, there I was last night and it was midnight and I'm going - I'm never going to finish this!  I solved that problem by hole punching everything and just throwing it into my bag along with the huge binder already stuffed full of family information.  At least I fell asleep for a few hours, I was that tired when I finally hit the sack.  When I travel I don't sleep well the night before - and this morning I knew my blood pressure was abnormally high, even after taking my medication.  Drat!  But things seem back to normal now, thank goddess!  Later I'll finish sorting through the stuff that didn't make it into the binder and get it where it belongs.

I never realized how heavy this laptop is!  I mean, at the most it's like 3 or 4 pounds (it's not an uber-expensive uber-thin model) and this morning going to the airport, no problem lugging it along in a Land's End bag.  But for some reason when I got off the plane earlier this afternoon suddenly I swear the thing weighs a ton!  Now I have to find a hiding place for it in my hotel room - good luck with that, LOL! 

I'll see if I can get a few blogs in before Mr. Don arrives.

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