Saturday, May 28, 2011

The "Five Note" Scale and Negro Sprituals

Thanks to RHHannaHH (hope I got that right), who sends me these interesting emails from time to time.  I wasn't sure what his (her?) latest was about "Amazing Grace," but since I absolutely love the song - it brings me to tears every time I hear it - I checked it out.

I learned lots of new things by watching this video.  The video quality isn't the best but the audio is okay.  Now I think - finally - I am barely beginning to understand what Terpsy was talking about all those years ago when we were first starting out Goddesschess, and she talked about the five-note scale.  WOW!  Terpsy designed websites and knew all about HTML stuff and I knew NOTHING (still don't) -- but her real passion was music.  Terpsy, wherever you are today - thank you for all you did to get us going.  This is for you.

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