Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Yard Photos

I chopped a lot of undergrowth and weeds out of this area - does it look like it?  Nah.  I need to get rid of about four trees.  That will be done this winter.  What used to be a wilderness of sapplings that I delighted in strolling through when I first had the house built 21 years ago have grown into a too crowded mess.  Now I need to rake, cut the grass, and lay down a coat of weed and feed!  Oh - news is now saying the severe weather is now moving out of the area. Yeah, right, my house just rattled and rocked a few moments ago with another loud BOOM.  But maybe I'll be able to fall asleep without having to worry about a tornado coming through.  But if one does, I hope it takes out the obnoxious neighbors next store - to the north, to the north...
The blue skies were gone but it's still pretty outside.  There was a nice breeze from the south and temps in the high 70's.  You can see, though, how late the season is. Many of the trees have yet to leaf out.
Another overhead shot.

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