Friday, May 6, 2011

Is Chess a Cognitive Fountain of Youth?

From our friends at [excerpted]:

Chess is a Medicine for Antiaging
By Leonxto Garcia for FIDE Chess in Schools Commission

This important material is contributed by Mr.Leonxto Garcia, famous chess journalist. Material describes the researches of neurology, proving how chess is used for antiaging. In 21st Century, human life will be longer. This will create a lot of health expenses on the budget of governments, dealing with aging problem. Old people will need cure.

These researches show how chess can be useful to deal with those problems. People, who know how to play chess, will use their brain more efficiently, and they will be able to take care of themselves.

Here are the researches, our thanks go to Mr.Garcia...

(pdf) Relation of Cognitive activity to risk of developing Alzheimer (Wilson's neurology)
American Academy of Neurology, 28 May 2008. R.S.Wilson (PhD); P.A.Scherr (PhD, ScD), J.A.Schnedier (MD), Y.Tang (PhD), P.A.Bennett (MD)

(pdf) Mind Games May Trump Alzheimer's Study Cites Effects of Chess, Bridge
The Washington Post, Shankar Vedentam, 19 June 2003

(pdf) Knight's move thinking? Mild Cognitive impairment in a chess player (Neurocase)
H.A.Archer, J.M.Schott, J.Barnes, N.C.Fox, J.L.Holton, T.Revesz, L.Cipoletti, M.N.Rosser 26 Fabruary 2008

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