Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 Max Euwe Tournament

It's the women v. the chess dudes!  I have so enjoyed these matches over the years.

GM Keti Arakahamia (SCO)
GM Pia Cramling (SWE) - She, Susan Polgar and Judit Polgar all earned their GM titles within months of each other
GM Zhaoqin Peng (NED)
GM Monica Socko (POL)

Men (generally older players who established their street cred years ago):
GM Friðrik Ólafsson (Iceland - forgetting the abbr. at the moment)
GM Paul van der Sterren (NED)
GM Stuart Conquest (ENG)
GM Robin van Kampen (born 1994 - a teenager!) (NED)

Note:  Ratings for the individual players weren't given, only their dates of birth!  But make no mistake, the chess is very serious.  Looking forward to seeing some male chess butt kicked.  Yeah!

PACKERS LEADING VIKINGS BY 3000 POINTS.  ONLY KIDDING.  PACKERS LEAD BY FOUR TOUCHDOWNS.  That makes my poor aching head feel so much better - that, and several glasses of wine :)

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