Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Max Euwe Tournament

There's a report with some photographs and games at The Week in Chess.  The ladies are kicking some chess butt :)

WGM Jennifer Shahade giving a lesson/simul to children
at the 2011 Max Euwe Tournament.
16 November 2011:  14:00-16:00 – simultaneous display by Jennifer Shahade Jennifer Shahade will play against all junior chess players (from 8 years and above) that want to play in this exciting chess simul. Jennifer Shahade is an American chess player, artist and writer of a book on chess for girls: Play like a Girl. She learned to play from her father when she was 6 years old and now she is a professonal chess player with the nick name Super Jen. She is a women’s grandmaster and was ladies champion of the USA twice. Jennifer will also give a demonstration of hulahoop chess and you can try it out yourself too. On her website you can find a fun video clip!


Group 1

4GM Peng, Zhaoqin2379x1 ½½2.0
2GM Olafsson, Fridrik2428 0x½0.5
3GM Van Der Sterren, Paul2514 ½ ½x01.0
4GM Cramling, Pia2495½1x1.5

Details group 1

Group 2

1GM Socko, Monika2479x 11½2.5
2GM Conquest, Stuart C2521 0x½0.5
3GM Arakhamia-Grant, Ketevan24430x 00.0
4GM Van Kampen, Robin2558½½ 1x2.0

Details group 2

View the pairings

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