Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Modern Day Tribute Paid to Goddess in India

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Kolhapur's Goddess Mahalaxmi Gets Apt Tribute
February 21, 2012
By Mohsin Mulla

Mumbai-based occularist Dr. Chandrashekar Chawan gifted a pair of diamond-embedded artificial eyes to Goddess Mahalaxmi at the Mahalaxmi Temple on Sunday.

The pair has eighteen diamonds - nine in each cornea part of the artificial eyes.  Eighteen-karat gold has been used for fitting the diamonds.

The cost of the eyes is Rs90,000 as per Western Maharashtra Devasthan Committee.  Committee representative Appasaheb Kulkarni told media persons that the eyes will be handed over to priests for daily 'alankar pooja' so that they will be used on (sic) daily.

Chawan, who is the founder of Shekhar Eye Research, has obtained a patent for developing the eye jewellery.  In this concept, the lenses can be decorated with precious stones.

"Before launching Laser Eye jewellery in the market, I offered artificial eyes to the goddess for seeking her blessings," Chawan [said], who was accompanied by his wife Smita. 

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