Sunday, March 18, 2012

Can You Help Computer Labs For Kids?

It's hard to believe, sometimes, that I have known Shira Evans Sandford for 11 years.  She is my long-time chess buddy.  I wrote about her as a featured American player back in the old days when I ran a website called Chess Goddesses, long off-line.

Okay - only the most dire of circumstances would make me post
this photo of Shira and I at the Hales Corners Chess Challenge
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in October, 2010.  I was overweight,
tired and puffy to boot.  Yechy!  I looked every bit my
age in this photo, and I hate it!!!  Shira, as always, is gorgeous.
Well, darlings, she is young enough to be my daughter, ahem.
No, she's not my daughter -- this is not TRUE CONFESSIONS.
But it's to show you what good buds we are -- she came to
Milwaukee with then BF Crispin (now hubby) to play in the HCCC XIII
because I asked her to.  Now that's a friend!  Friends help friends.
I think I need Juviderm...
A million email miles later, our friendship still endures.  Shira, now with husband Crispin Sandford at her side, has focused her organization, Computer Labs for Kids, to bringing knowledge to the kids who need it most -- the poorest of the poor in urban neighborhoods right here in the USA. 

A new component of what they'll be teaching the kids is how to play chess -- introducing them to the game through beginner chess-software as part of teaching them how to use computers.  The kids get a twofer -- they learn the skills they'll need to use just about any computer they can access (in libraries, for instance, and in the classroom) and they'll also be learning the life-changing skills that chess teaches.

A new project is afoot - and $$$ is needed.  Yeah, we all need $$$ these days, don't we.  But I think you'll agree that some things are worth more than others.  This is one of those things:

Goddesschess made a contribution.  I hope you will find it in your hearts to help out too. 

As you may have noticed through the years, Goddesschess does not solicit for funds.  We fund entirely from our own resources and contributions from friends.  So when we provide sponsorship to a cause or to a tournament, or to fund prizes for chess femmes, it is because we really believe in it with all our hearts.  That's all I have to say.

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