Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chess Femme News From Around the Web

At Chessbase, WGM Alina L'Ami writes about the IV Taca Cuca Tournament in Angola.

WCM Epah Tembo (ZAM 1909) -at time of
Alina's article, was in 3rd place after R5 with 3.5.
WGM L'Ami is a favorite around these parts since she came to play in the 2011 City of Montreal Open Chess Championships last September and took home the Women's title. 

Alina ventured forth to Angola with husband GM Erwin L'Ami and several European GMs as well as GMs from other countries, as well as female players from Africa and elsewhere.

It's not often (outside of Chess Olympiad events) that we get to see photographs of many continental-African based players.  This report has several photographs (a Chessbase trademark), including - of course - several photos of lovely ladies. 

Chessbase also has photographs of GM VladimirKramnik's cute little three year old daughter, Daria, who joined Daddy and GM Levon Aronian at a post-game post-mortem during their match at the Zurich Challenge (you can read the report here, I'm just interested in the pictures since this is a dudes-only match):

She's a future GM for sure, probably world champion in 2030.

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