Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hales Corners Chess Challenge XV - Photos!

These are from Ellen Wanek:

"Chess mom", Ellen Wanek, and Robin Grochowski, one of the TDs.  I played
a pick-up game with "Chess mom" who had a son (two?) playing in the Hales
Corners Challenge XV and we drove her youngest boy up a wall with out teasing
about "playing chess like girls."  We actually had a lot of fun.  She checkmated me
but we had a do-over and eventually I queened a pawn and "won" the game
during the "re-do."  Such is the way "girls" play chess :)
Ellen and Manisha Vootkur, who won some Goddesschess prize money in
the Reserve section!
Me bad - I know the young man in the yellow tee shirt is a player from
the Sheboygan area, but I don't remember his name; Ellen Wanek (in blue)
is next to him; in the back row, sorry, I don't remember the player's name,
then there's me, and on the right is Life Master Sheldon Gelbart.


alleenkatze said...

Jan, the gentlemen in the photo with you and Ellen Wanek are Stephane Desmoulin (yellow shirt) and FM Alex Betaneli (Wisconsin Chess Academy founder) next to you in HCC tee. NM Sheldon Gelbart is on your right as mentioned.

Jan said...

Thank you for adding the missing names!

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