Friday, April 27, 2012

More Photos from Hales Corners Challenge XV

Action from the Open - R1 or R2 (I think).  Sorry - don't know
who the players are.

More Open action.  The player on the right (front) looks
like Robin Grohowski.

Open action - Sandy Pahl v. Michael Shefsky, R3.

Reserve action R3.  The white haired fellow is W.H. Burgin,
I faced him in R4.  In this photo he is playing Susan Ulrich
(he lost).  Susan finished in 28th place (out of 49) with 2.0.
That's me at the back table. 

Good grief!  Was that Allen Becker who snuck in and took
this photograph?  W.H. Burgin (white) and I (black)
in our R4 game that I eventually won.  See what I mean
about him looking like Kris Kringle?  But from the
look on my face, I was out for blood, yikes!  I'm scaring
myself looking at myself!  I need new glasses.  That
top makes me look fat.  My chin has chins.  EEK!
I just took a look at the final standings in the Reserve Section -- I didn't finish in last place!  Ohmygoddess, what is this world coming to?  I finished in 43rd place out of 49 and I gained ratings points.  I thought I would lose some.  Wow!   I'm not USCF 604.  That is way too high, folks.

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alleenkatze said...

Now you may begin to think me a pest invading your blog...players in top photo are NMs William Williams and Jon Burgess in the 4th round. Next photo has yours truly against Sarfaraz Mohammed in foreground and Jim Nickell vs Ryan Murphy in round 2 action. And you do look fierce in your game against W.H.Burgin.

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