Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2012 FIDE Women's Grand Prix - Kazan

Play resumed today after a rest day, with R9.  Elina Danielian of Armenia had been rolling right along, winning or drawing her games, seeming to be in top form.  And then today, she ran into the buzz saw that GM Alexandra Kosteniuk can be:

Round 9 on 2012/06/20 at 15:00
5GMViktorija Cmilyte 2508½-½GMAnna Muzychuk 259812
6GMNadezhda Kosintseva 2528½-½GMTatiana Kosintseva 25324
7GMAntoaneta Stefanova 2518½-½WGMBetul Cemre Yildiz 23333
8GMKeteryna Lahno 25460-1GMHumpy Koneru 25892
9GMAlexandra Kosteniuk 24571-0GMElina Danielian 24841
10IMAlisa Galliamova 24840-1GMHou Yifan 262311

As a result, the standings were shaken up a bit:
Ranking crosstable after Round 9
RankSNo.NameRtgFED123456789101112Pts. TB1TB2TB3
12GMHumpy Koneru 2589IND*½½½½1½½116125.752
21GMElina Danielian 2484ARM½*½½1101½16125.51.5
312GMAnna Muzychuk 2598SLO½½*½½½½1116122.751.5
45GMViktorija Cmilyte 2508LTU½½½*1½0½115.5122.752.5
511GMHou Yifan 2623CHN½0*½½111105.5021.50.5
68GMKeteryana Lahno 2546UKR00½½½*½1½14.51.5191.5
76GMNadezhda Kosintseva 2528RUS½0½½*1½01½4.51.517.51
89GMAlexandra Kosteniuk 2457RUS1½1000*½½14.5020.252.5
94GMTatiana Kosintseva 2532RUS½0½½0½½*½14016.251.5
107GMAntoaneta Stefanova 2518BUL0½00½1½*½½3.50140.5
1110IMAlisa Galliamova 2484RUS000000½½*1215.750
123WGMBetul Cemre Yildiz 2333TUR00001½0½0*209.51

There are only two more rounds to go.  Frankly, I've no idea who is going to win this one!  Maybe the match-ups for tomorrow hold a clue:

Round 10 on 2012/06/21 at 15:00
12GMAnna Muzychuk 2598GMHou Yifan 262311
1GMElina Danielian 2484IMAlisa Galliamova 248410
2GMHumpy Koneru 2589GMAlexandra Kosteniuk 24579
3WGMBetul Cemre Yildiz 2333GMKeteryna Lahno 25468
4GMTatiana Kosintseva 2532GMAntoaneta Stefanova 25187
5GMViktorija Cmilyte 2508GMNadezhda Kosintseva 25286

Whoa! Some match-ups! My career as a prognosticator stinks, darlings.  But that doesn't stop me from doing it anyway:

Muzychuk wins over Hou Yifan
Koneru wins over Kosteniuk (prove me wrong, Alexandra!)
Lahno wins
T. Kosintseva ove Stefanova

Those I haven't mentioned are too close to call in my book :)

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