Saturday, June 23, 2012

2012 FIDE Women's Grand Prix - Kazan

It's all over, darlings.  Here are the results of the final two rounds, and the final standings.  Can you guess from this photo who won (har!)

Photo of co-winners and FIDE President Who-Speaks-With-Aliens.
From official website.

Round 10 on 2012/06/21 at 15:00
12GMAnna Muzychuk 2598½-½GMHou Yifan 262311
1GMElina Danielian 24840-1IMAlisa Galliamova 248410
2GMHumpy Koneru 2589½-½GMAlexandra Kosteniuk 24579
3WGMBetul Cemre Yildiz 2333½-½GMKeteryna Lahno 25468
4GMTatiana Kosintseva 2532½-½GMAntoaneta Stefanova 25187
5GMViktorija Cmilyte 25081-0GMNadezhda Kosintseva 25286
Round 11 on 2012/06/22 at 13:00
6GMNadezhda Kosintseva 25280-1GMAnna Muzychuk 259812
7GMAntoaneta Stefanova 2518½-½GMViktorija Cmilyte 25085
8GMKeteryna Lahno 25460-1GMTatiana Kosintseva 25324
9GMAlexandra Kosteniuk 24571-0WGMBetul Cemre Yildiz 23333
10IMAlisa Galliamova 24840-1GMHumpy Koneru 25892
11GMHou Yifan 26231-0GMElina Danielian 24841

Ranking crosstable after Round 11
RankSNo.NameRtgFED123456789101112Pts. TB1TB2TB3
12GMHumpy Koneru 2589IND*½½½½½½11½117.50.536.753
212GMAnna Muzychuk 2598SLO½*½½½½½½11117.50.536.53
35GMViktorija Cmilyte 2508LTU½½*10½½½½11171353
411GMHou Yifan 2623CHN½½0*111½1½107037.254
59GMAlexandra Kosteniuk 2457RUS½½10*1½0½01161313.5
61GMElina Danielian 2484ARM½½½00*11½1016030.752.5
74GMTatiana Kosintseva 2532RUS½½½0½0*1½½½15.5027.52
88GMKeteryana Lahno 2546UKR0½½½100*½½1½5025.52.5
97GMAntoaneta Stefanova 2518BUL00½0½½½½*1½½4.51222
106GMNadezhda Kosintseva 2528RUS½00½10½½0*1½4.5022.752.5
1110IMAlisa Galliamova 2484RUS000001½0½0*13013.51.5
123WGMBetul Cemre Yildiz 2333TUR0001000½½½0*2.50141

So, how did I do on my prognostication for R9? Not so good:

Muzychuk wins over Hou Yifan (it was a draw) FAIL
Koneru wins over Kosteniuk (prove me wrong, Alexandra!) (it was a draw) FAIL, and good for you, Alexandra!
Lahno wins (Lahno lost) FAIL
T. Kosintseva over Stefanova (it was a draw) FAIL

Hmmmm, four for four FAIL.  I think I'll retire. 

Congratulations to Humpy and Anna, who share the title as co-winners and split the prize money evenly.

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