Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 FIDE WWCC: Game 2

Hola darlings! 

Another draw, Stefanova with white today.

Stefanova, AntoanetaBUL½½1

Score tied at 1/1 for Stefanova and Ushenina.  Report for Game 2 at the official website. 

So, it appears the ultimate strategy of each player is to go to the rapid play-off games.  I wonder what would have happened if Ushenina had pursued playing the original and complicated position she achieved by not following the known lines?  We'll never know.  Well, how can I complain about the lack of fighting chess when these two women are playing like typical male grandmasters?

Some coverage from other websites:

Chessvibes -- nice photographs and a good summary of action from R 1 through to the final two players.

Anna Ushenina.  Game for geeks only?
I don't think so, darlings!

At Chessbase, a fine summary of the semi-final action leading to the victories by Ushenina and Stefanova; always, of course, accompanied by fine photographs of some of the loveliest ladies playing pro chess these days. 

If you want insight from a former World Champion into the action from the beginning to the end who, herself, was also battling through the knock-out format, check out GM Alexandra Kosteniuk's Chess Blog

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