Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ushenina Through to 2012 WWCC Final!

Interesting!  The next challenger against GM Hou Yifan (current Women's World Chess Champion) in 2013 will be a European.  Yep, Ushenina knocked out Ju Wenjun in their play-off games today (Sunday):

Round 5 Match 02
Ushenina, Anna (UKR)½½1½
Ju, Wenjun (CHN)½½0½1

So, Ushenina will be meeting Antoaneta Stefanova of Bulgaria starting Tuesday to determine who wins the title - or doesn't she?  I'm still now clear on how this works.  If either Ushenina or Stefanova prevails, is she -- or is she not -- the new reigning Women's World Chess Champion?  And if she is, then why does Hou Yifan get a free get at the can in 2013?  This system is a mess!

Official website.

I absolute LOVE this photograph from the official website:

The ladies shown are those who did not win their semi-final matches:  Ju Wenjun (left) and Harika Dronavalli (right).  Ju doesn't look too happy, does she, while Dronavalli appears gracious; indeed, in countless photographs I've seen of Dronavalli over the years, I've rarely seen her looking as unhappy as Ju! This is an awards-presentation ceremony, evidently.  One should appear gracious, no matter how disappointed one may be.  Here's a brief interview at the official website with Dronavalli after she won her bronze medal, the epitome of good manners!

Well, these ladies are going home, but they aren't going home empty handed!  In addition to winning what appear to be medals (around each of their necks) and -- are those fur trimmed - somethings?? -- and whatever is in the boxes, each one has a payday of $20,000 USD -- if FIDE ever wires out the money to the bank accounts the ladies were required to divulge information about in order to play in this event!  No certified or cashier's checks in Siberia, evidently.

Bon chance to Stefanova and Ushenina.  They'll be playing 4 games.

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