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2014 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival

Here I am now reporting on the final results, more than a month later.  Slap my face, darlings!  LOL!

Here was my intro reportOfficial website (for full details and photos).  And here are the final results, ta da!

IM Mariya Muzychuk took top honors for the women:

Congratulations to Ukranian IM Mariya Muzychuk for winning the top female prize of £15,000. She drew her last round game against GM Simen Agdestein and achieved a score of 7/10 (+6,=2,-2) and with it, a GM norm!
What a fantastic showing for Muzychuk!  She picked up over 21 ratings points for this performance:

1955IMMuzychuk MariyaUKR25037.02654265474.862.141021.4

The world is, sadly, aware of the political turmoil engulfing Ukraine for the past few months.  I find it truly amazing that people like Mariya Muzychuk and the Ukrainian athletes participating in the Winter Olympics at Sochi (where dog slaughter is a state-sanctioned sport) are able to continue doing the amazing things they do when their hearts must be filled with angst.
I'm trying to pick out the chess femmes' results (Masters' Tournament) from the final results at  Apologies if I've missed any chess femme:
2534GMZhao XueCHN25677.02566256176.750.25102.5
2677GMZhukova NataliaUKR24497.02558255375.411.591015.9
3054GMXu JunCHN25106.52612261264.701.301013.0
3484IMJavakhishvili LelaGEO24306.5259125846.54.252.251022.5
4351GMCmilyte ViktorijaLTU25156.5248924896.56.71-0.2110-2.1
4453GMHoang Thanh TrangHUN25116.5248724876.56.52-0.0210-0.2
4863WGMTan ZhongyiCHN24836.0260025995.53.901.601016.0
5376WGMGuo QiCHN24506.0253825325.54.281.221012.2
66 47GMCramling PiaSWE25256.02430243067.07-1.0710-10.7
7256GMSebag MarieFRA25016.02401240167.11-1.1110-11.1
75120WIMFuchs JudithGER23156.02378230754.050.951514.3
8059WGMPogonina NatalijaRUS24955.5251725175.55.120.38103.8
8574IMPaehtz ElisabethGER24585.5243224285.55.66-0.1610-1.6
8799IMMilliet SophieFRA23905.5241924085.54.960.54105.4
89110WIMAbdumalik ZhansayaKAZ23445.5240224025.54.650.851512.8
9281IMMunguntuul BatkhuyagMGL24385.5238523815.56.09-0.5910-5.9
9362GMStefanova AntoanetaBUL24865.5237523745.56.78-1.2810-12.8
9936GMMuzychuk AnnaSLO25665.52342234057.34-2.3410-23.4
112113WGMVojinovic JovanaSRB23355.02354233654.650.35155.3
114115WGMHoolt SarahGER23315.02345232454.710.29154.3
11795IMSavina AnastasiaRUS24025.02332232155.78-0.7810-7.8
12091IMHouska JovankaENG24155.02310230156.27-1.2710-12.7
122106WGMKochetkova JuliaSVK23515.02297228755.57-0.5715-8.6
12780IMTania SachdevIND24425.02278227356.91-1.9110-19.1
139156WGMDolzhikova OlgaNOR22035.02181218155.26-0.2615-3.9

There were 256 players.  The women listed above finished at 50% or higher in the field (I may have missed a few).  As you can see, a number of highly rated veterans, some of whom have played in this event before, didn't do too well this year.  The competition is getting tougher. We may now be passing the time when a female chessplayer can make a name for herself in the small world of chess by safely playing mostly in the ratings ghetto of female only events.  The transition period will be agonizingly painful for many players personally and to watch from afar but, like the changing economy as we work through a 21st century paradigm, it must be and will be fought through no matter what.

I do not have a breakdown of which other chess femmes won prize money, I did not see it at the official website.  However, here are items of note:

Zhao Xue (China) had led the chase for the £15,000 women's prize after her breathtaking streak of five wins between rounds five and nine but it was brought to an end in the last round when she had Black against Nikita Vitiugov. This loss left her on 7 points and she was caught on that score by Mariya Muzychuk (avove), who finished with a draw against Simen Agdestein, and Nataliya Zhukova, who did well to defeat US GM Alex Lenderman in the last round and finishing with a burst of 3/3. The tournament rule for this prestigious prize specifies that the £15,000 goes to the player with the best tournament performance rating. Mariya's was 2654 – incidentally, more than enough to qualify for a GM norm – while Zhao Xue's was 2561 and Nataliya's 2553, so the honour and money went to Mariya. It was a fitting reward for a consistently excellent result, having played six grandmasters and beaten two of them.

For the record, pairings and results for Mariya Muzychuk:

55182Kenney Jason 211200 - 10IMMuzychuk Mariya 250355
4755IMMuzychuk Mariya 250311 - 01WIMFuchs Judith 2315120
914GMLi Chao B 268021 - 02IMMuzychuk Mariya 250355
3755IMMuzychuk Mariya 250321 - 02IMWelling Gerard 2326116
106GMTomashevsky Evgeny 27153½ - ½3IMMuzychuk Mariya 250355
1655IMMuzychuk Mariya 25030 - 1GMEdouard Romain 265820
42109FMBen Artzi Ido 23440 - 1IMMuzychuk Mariya 250355
2255IMMuzychuk Mariya 25031 - 0GMSutovsky Emil 266318
1325GMSandipan Chanda 26090 - 1IMMuzychuk Mariya 250355
1155IMMuzychuk Mariya 2503½ - ½GMAgdestein Simen 262722

One remarkable feature of the tournament was the achievement of GM norms solely by female competitors – Mariya Muzychuk (Ukraine), Lela Javakishvili (Georgia) and Tan Zhongyi (China). This is quite appropriate for a tournament that prides itself on promoting and supporting women’s chess (not to mention one in which the women beat the men in the Battle of the Sexes rapidplay). Women also chalked up a number of the IM norms: Natalia Pogonina (Russia), [and] Qi Guo (China).

Last, but not least, ladies beat the dudes at some fun rapid chess:

On the evening of 1 February, there was a Battle of the Sexes rapid match between the Men (captained by Nigel Short) and the Women (captained by Viktorija Cmilyte) at a time limit of 10 minutes for all the moves plus an increment of 5 seconds a move. Photos (and not entirely serious captions) here.

The Women won the match by 2-0, with a third game (played at 10+0) played and won by the Men.

The winning team: Viktorija Cmilyte, Irina Krush, Thanh Trang Hoang, Tania Sachdev, Jovana Vojinovic, Elisabeth Paehtz, and Natalia Zhukova.

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