Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Tata Steel

Must have been a rest day for the A and B Group today - and maybe for C Group too, only yesterday when I updated results C Group's weren't ready yet:
1.Tikkanen, H.
Turov, M.
3.Adhiban, B.
4.Grover, S.5
5.Brandenburg, D.
Sadler, M.
7.Goudriaan, E.
Paehtz, E.
Schut, L.

Tania, S.
11.Ootes, L.3
12.Danielian, E.
13.Haast, A.Hopman, P.2

The action picks up again tomorrow and runs straight through Sunday, so there's a lot of chess left to be played. Stay tuned!

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