Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Tata Steel

I'm watching an excellent Nova special on PBS right now, "Masterpiece," about the painting that might be a previously unknown Leonardo DaVinci drawing!  Absolutely fascinating...  I'm learning a lot about the world of art experts and fraudulent works of art -- how people try to sniff out frauds and how the fraudsters try to fool the experts. 

Excited -- my purchases have started to arrive.  Tonight I opened the box from - get ready for it - LAMPLUST - and was just so struck by how beautiful those LED "burl wood" wall sconces are!  Can't wait to put them up this weekend, darlings! 

In a larger box is the stand-alone oiled-bronze finish towel holder, woooo wooooo!  I didn't open the box but tucked it out of the way until I can open it and assemble the towel holder this weekend.  Hopefully all the pieces will be there for both the wall sconces and the towel holder!  Soon, I hope my upstairs bath will look like a "masterpiece" itself :)

Ladies' standings:

Group B
Standings after round 10
1.Harikrishna, P.8
2.L'Ami, E.
Motylev, A.
4.Bruzon, L.
5.Reinderman, D.
Tiviakov, S.
7.Nyzhnik, I.
8.Ernst, S.
Lahno, K.
Potkin, V.
Timman, J.
Vocaturo, D.
13.Cmilyte, V.
Harika, D.

Group C
Standings after round 10
1.Turov, M.8
2.Tikkanen, H.
3.Adhiban, B.7
4.Brandenburg, D.
Grover, S.
Sadler, M.
7.Goudriaan, E.
Paehtz, E.
Tania, S.
10.Schut, L.4
11.Danielian, E.
Haast, A.
Hopman, P.
Ootes, L.

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