Thursday, October 18, 2007

Spain Blockades Treasure Hunting Ship

Spain forces treasure ship into port in battle over fortune in pieces of eight Fear that Americans have seized national heritage Florida court to rule on 'commercial archaeology' Paul Hamilos in Algeciras Wednesday October 17, 2007 The Guardian A Spanish warship forced a US treasure hunting vessel back into port at gunpoint yesterday as it tried to leave Gibraltar in the latest episode in a battle over what is claimed to be the world's largest recovery of treasure from the sea. The Odyssey Explorer, a 250ft salvage vessel, was trying to leave Gibraltar, where it had been effectively blockaded for three months after Spain claimed a share of millions of dollars worth of gold and silver coins it had recovered. After setting sail, it was approached by a Spanish navy gunboat and civil guard patrol ship once it passed the three-mile "buffer zone" that surrounds Gibraltar and forced to turn round and head for the Spanish port of Algeciras. "We were forced at gunpoint to come to Algeciras," said Ali Nessar, a company representative on the boat. Rest of story.

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