Sunday, December 16, 2007

2007 Russian Championship Superfinals

I saw this report at The Week in Chess: The Russian Championship Superfinals take place 17th-30th December 2007. Players are: Men: Alekseev, Amonatov, Vitjugov, Grischuk, Dreev, Inarkiev, Morozevich, Rychagov, Svidler, Timofeev, Tomashevsky, Jakovenko. Women: Galliamova, Gunina, Matveeva, Kovalevskaya, Korbut, N.Kosintseva, T.Kosintseva, Kosteniuk, Ovod, Stepovaya, Tairova, Shadrina. Official site: Unfortunately for me, the official site is in Russian (can't read it). The players' lists are quite impressive. Some of the best male and female players in the world (and some very promising up-and-coming players) will participate in this event.

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