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Are Basque Relics Frauds?

Story from the Oh no. (Calvary image from June, 2006) Finds that made Basques proud are fake, say experts Giles Tremlett in Madrid Monday November 24 2008 00.01 GMT It was hailed as an archeological discovery of global importance showing, among other things, the oldest representation of Christ on the cross and proof that ancient Egyptian influences had survived deep in Roman Spain. For traditional Basques the pictures, symbols and words found scraped onto pieces of third century pottery dug up near the town of Nanclares, in northern Spain, included miraculous evidence that their unique language of Euskara was far older than ever thought. Eighteen months ago the dig's director, Eliseo Gil, claimed that some finds at the Roman town known as Veleia were on par with those at Pompeii or Rome itself. Basque nationalists bristled with pride. This archeological jewel gave them a far greater claim to a distinctive, millennial and Christian culture than they had dreamed possible. Now a committee of experts has revealed those jewels to be fakes. "They are either a joke or a fraud," said Martín Almagro, a professor in prehistory from Madrid. "How has something like this been taken seriously for so long?" [Who are these experts? Are they Spanish? Are they Basque? Are they of other nationalities who do not have regional politics as their number one agenda???] The hunt is on for an archeological fraudster who defaced fragments of third century pottery with fake graffiti. [An assumption not yet proven]. The fraudster seems either to have buried the pieces or planted them in a laboratory where experts sifted through finds. [Really?] The fakes left the first people to see them swooning. The Calvary scene was hailed as both the nearest thing mankind had to a contemporary pictorial account of the crucifixion, and proof that Basques had been relatively early Christians. The words in Euskera, if genuine, would have predated by 700 years the previous earliest known written form of the language. The hieroglyphics caused speculation about the existence of third century Egyptologists [oh please - why use such a loaded word "Egyptologist" - why is it not possible that third century Egyptians who were Coptic Christians were in the area at the time? We know there was long-term trade between Egypt and Spain dating back thousands of years] who might have created the inscriptions to teach children. Now experts who have studied the pieces in depth say the fakes, some of which used modern glue [Was modern glue simply used to hold pieces of shards together? Why would this make the inscriptions a fraud?], should have rung warning bells immediately. References were found to non-existent gods [really? If these gods were not know before from prior references, how do these experts know they are non-existent?], 19th-century names [again, really? place names always present complications in archaeological digs but are often used to substantiate other evidence of antiquity] and even to the 17th-century philosopher Descartes [note that no quotes were provided to substantiate this claim]. Words in Euskara used impossible spellings. [Really? Who are these experts in this ancient language? Have they ever studied ancient spellings in English? The variety of spellings is amazing! Indeed, I believe that in English for instance, standardized spellings weren't established until the 20th century!] The hieroglyphs included references to Queen Nefertiti which would have been almost impossible to make prior to the 19th century. [Really? If the people who were doing the inscriptions had actual knowledge, then it wouldn't be so unusual; it's just us so-called modern westerners who didn't have knowledge of Queen Neftertiti until the 19th century; that doesn't mean other people prior to our time didn't know about her. That's a really arrogant assumption to make, tsk tsk.] The Calvary scene, meanwhile, included the inscription "RIP". "It is a formula that can only be applied to people who are dead," Almagro told El Correo newspaper. "To say that Jesus Christ is dead would be a heresy. I haven't seen anything quite so funny in the whole history of Christianity." [Well, I don't know about that; Christ actually did die on that cross, otherwise the whole premise of Christianity, i.e., that Christ rose from the dead 3 days after he died, would be a big lie! What else would people put in a Calvary scene representing where Christ died, but RIP?] Local authorities and sponsors from Basque public companies have poured hundreds of thousands of euros into excavations. Last week they closed the dig temporarily. Eliseo Gil did not return calls from the Guardian but sources said those in charge were not yet fully convinced that their finds were fake.
Based on what is presented in this story, it seems to me that some "experts" are attacking that which would cast their prior academic conclusions into question. If you think that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, you haven't seen anything to compare to a previously published academician's pet theories scorned! If these shards are the word of a fraudster, then it was a rather ignorant fraudster. If, as the story implies, it was someone who had access to the dig site and/or the storage facilities for artifacts recovered from the dig, it seems to imply that someone working on the dig is the guilty party. But who would be so stupid as to use modern references in an attempt to fool "experts?" And I still do not get the mention of the use of "modern glue" - just how does that prove that these certain inscribed shards are frauds?


carlos lascoutx said...

...of course they are fakes,
the first christ is cave bear worship, which see on my tletl
blogspot and tzopilotl wordpress.
the basque language itself goes back to the cave goddess fire-drill
promethea, tlatla/flame tzol/hole
teotl/tea thea dea. and let me
say, without fear of contradiction, that the language evidence is all the basques need
to prove they are ch(i)th/toni(c)
residents of the ibero-french caves,
chi/on top tone/toni/tonatiuh,
the sun god, anthony, fire drill
e.g., cagotz(Basque)=
ca/being cave/otz=oztotl(NN).
(NN)=Nauatl Neander, cf., my posts.
get with it. this is goddess and
everything, check, mate, carlos.

Jan said...

Hola Carlos. Please - give me a break! I am trying to get with it! I have known instinctively from the first time I read more than 10 years ago the words "Chess is the game of the Goddess," that they are true. But making a convincing case for our theory - that is difficult. You say - checkmate. I say - far from it.

I am fascinated by etymology and linguistics. I am going to examine the words you have posted here. I am going to read at your blog.

Maybe somewhere in your words, I will find a valuable clue that will lead to the ultimate enlightenment.

carlos lascoutx said...

...oh, excuse me, jan/yani(N)=
pilgrim, we're all on the same journey. galatian/cala-qui(N)=
c/galaxy=enter the house, welcome.
chess comes out of the gravettian, 22k bc, perhaps,
mammoth hunters have to relax too,
on the russian riverine, kost(russ)=bone, from, ko(s)t=cotoni(N)=cut.
the earliest pieces are of ivory?
the fact that fuchsia/rusia(sp) is chess mecca is significant.
at first, the queen moved like the king, so i'd rule out goddess games, but the rooks/
torres(sp)were elephants/oliphant/
ollin pantli(N)=holy flags=pamitl(N)= p/fami(t)ly. and given the
mammoth/elephant connexion, one
has to say that the elephant wasn't
necessarily picked up when the game
went to india, also the airyana(avestan)were horse people, the horse jump on the board makes a wheel/uilana(N)=drag4.
aryan, from the words ailia(N)=
work for others/ally, and, yana/
so, it was also their game, used
to while away the hours and strengthen the mind.
chess has just as much effect on human thought and destiny as first
coffee houses in europe.
saludos, carlos.

carlos lascoutx said...

...oh, jan, the good news is that
even though the queen moved like the king, one square, it means
man and woman were equals in the early stages of the game.
the best news is that now she's
more powerful than the king,
hooray, up the goddess!

damon libolt said...

It started as goddess worship/divine couple. Just as this was changed/sabataged it remained changed in the christian version of the holy trinity. Egyptian is isis osirus horus. And their predecessors the phoenicians worshiped astarte, baal, and heracles. There are many more this is just a few important examples

We know that Solomon put statues of Asarte in his temple. We are told that Solomon, in doing this, was simply "corrupted" by one of his many wives, who came from a place where such worship was common. And yet, Hiram too erected a temple to Asarte. This is not, as modern historians will tell you, merely indicative of goddess worship. Asarte was worshipped in conjunction with Baal, and was perceived both as his consort, and as an emanation of him. Many early religions were based on the concept of a divine couple, the most famous example being Isis and Osiris. Even the Judaic El was once part of a divine couple, his consort being Asherat. Asherat, of course, is synonymous with Asarte, and El mutated into Baal. In light of this we can see that even as the patriarchal Jehovah was gaining a stranglehold on the hearts and minds of his emerging cult, Hiram and Solomon remained true to the more ancient tradition of the divine couple. Rather than being heretics on eccentrics, they were purists maintaining a tradition in its original form. Church elders, in order to forever banish the divine couple concept, later changed references to Asarte to Astaroth, thereby changing the female consort of God into a male demon.
i dont reference anything else on this website, i just like this article.

Just as lucifer, gods chief angel, was changed to gods adversery, when the old old testament was repeatedly butchered to change very defined and important points of the religion. This was Jesus's main opposition to the jewish high class, priests, and rome. They were butchering the old religion rendering it useless and pointless.

google morning star and jesus. This was the title jesus gave himself.
Rev 22:16 (NIV) "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star."
This is all very hidden/occult knowledge, often butchered to hide reality.
There is much more, but I dont have much time...
<3 aes

carlos lascoutx said...

...first was the goddess, men were
drones around queen bee. her name
was Tlatla-tzol-teotl(Nauatl)=
flame-hole-thea. she's regina of
the Tonalamatl(N)=tonalli(N)=soul,
Anthony/Antonio=father sun/sol.
her totem animal, the birthing animal, for the Tona is the birthing calendar, 260days, built
on the human body, 20 digits/days,
to facilitate counting without
a scratch pad, ah, ocelotl/ocelome
(Nauatl Tona/day 14)=celOim(etruscan)=Elohim(Hebrew/dual
deity), ah, Yaweh(Hebrew)=
Ya-/already waybig/-ue=ya-ue(Nauatl).
from this, damon, we understand
Nauatl is the cave language,
the only language, used by
the women who had the title
of Tlatla(N)=Flame, originally
she was Neandra. her last avatar
was at Çatal Hüyuk, hunting bulls
with her chi-tlatla(N)=on top
the bear Christ is the oldest
surrogate worship, begun by neander
also, on winter solstice, known
as the Iueli(N)=powerful,=
/ivery/ivory, by its children/words
we know what Iueli(N)was.
welcome to historical linguistics. tzopilotl. wordpress.
com. if you don't have the time,
ok, but this study is all about
time, as you can see, Nauatl is
also. ciuia(N)=stimulate=
civilization(E) destroys language.
time=temi(N)=to fill,=t/th/He(r)mes
neander/neandra=our messenger.
cauitl(N)=time,=ca-/being flow/-uitl(N)=c/g(r)a-vity(letra)=

Jan said...

Damon and Carlos,

Thank you for your comments! As far as I know, no further articles have been written about these "relics" but I would like to know more.

Damon, the Divine Couple was featured in the Bible in many passages and you are right on with what you wrote.

Carlos, welcome back! I can see your face for the first time. Yes, men used to "drone" around the Queen Bee, and more or less all was well with the world. Today things are so out of balance - the bees are disappearing, dying off, so it is said. Why? Because of the imbalance! In order to survive as a world, we need to get back to a balance between Yin/Yang. Until we do, I believe we are doomed as a species and we will kill off most everything else along the way. Already we see great kill-offs of animal species all around the planet. Terrible gender inbalances exist between male and female in China, India, Armenia, and the "stan" countries. I knew about China and India, I did not know about the other countries until I read that a few days ago. Thanks to ultrasound tests women are either choosing to (or being forced to) abort female fetuses at an alarming rate. This has been going on since the advent of this technology available at relatively modest cost. Now the fruits are about to be reaped from this wholesale slaughter of unborn females. What do you do in a country where the ratio is 125 males to 100 females? I see no good coming out of this period of history to which we are entering! The Goddess was killed off - there is no more Divine Couple. Unless the balance is restored, we will die off just as the other species we are daily causing to go extinct. We will extinct ourselves! Hope it happens after I'm dead!

carlos lascoutx said...

...hi, jan,
well, it's solstice cave bear christ who is ueue(N)=wayway(old),
once promethean/neandra fire then
mts/tepe(mideast)and temples and
tepees=Hebrew/Promethea, we begin
counting time, tie the sky knot,
e.g., ilpia(N)=tie,=hilpan(Goth)=
elpomai(gk)=help(E), medicine begins and neandra promethea has
medicine for her family ills,
longevity increases, her struggle
was/is heroic, this deep being of
the hominid race made us possible,
circumspect, fearful, respectful,
she was the perfect carrier for
the sacred task of showing later
species with narrow techy brains
the way so in this age we could
fritter away her tarnished divinity, she was the fallen angel after all, nephillim/anakim(Enoch), she knew deity by the face
she looked at everyday, the earth
itself, Tlalli, living at the animal spirit level.
today we do everything we can
to avoid the inevitable reminder
we're jumped-up monkeys, using religion for strife instead of unity betrays us, that, and our
addiction to the banana peel of
our christ is a return to the maligned goddess of old, but remember, she's a witch, the cathedral quattre catholic cat
Ehecatl/ecatl/Hecate, windweaver
and 2d venus. her son, Quetzalcoatl was master craftsman,
Christ himself is pure word,
language is work too, but it
speaks of the spirit, the story
of man through the ages, something
you don't get on the cutting floor. unfortunately civilization
is stimulous and destroys what
it uses, and tech is a tool one
bows over but does not worship.

dbolt said...

although very interesting, linguistics and etymology play a next to insignificant role in defining ancient civilizations just because as we all know, language changes very rapidly for each civilization, and over the course of 5-10000 years, you would expect quite a drastic change in meanings. One example, which is a very good one is african american ebonics, which you will notice changes literally daily. One words meaning could change to mean the exact opposite the next day. Granted, basque language is one of the most preserved languages in the whole world, those rules still apply to most of its word definitions. The other problem with referencing language for defining basque population is we have next to nothing written in basque older than 700ad(or so)found yet, other than of course hieroglyphs. We know their writing/culture was proto phoenician/egyptian/hebrew/greek due to the genetic migration patterns found in asia/m.e./north africa/europe which is extremely hard evidence, cementing well known and theorized facts, as well as, literally, a world of other supporting evidences. Please believe me carlos, i have put in the time.
And to jan, the wonderful founder of this forum. If you could, please reference where in the bible the divine couple is mentioned. I have a suspicion it is far from its originally intended definition or meaning. But more importantly i would like to point out the parallels between Christianity and the more original religions for those who believe christianity is a separate/unrelated, original religion.

ancient bee worship is extremely interesting to me as well.

carlos lascoutx said...

...all too tragic that ciuia(N)/
civilization wears down everything,
but i don't feel as weary about the subject as you do. my letra
system of rooting always enthuses
me when i pick it up and start the
journey back through time to see what i will find. perhaps also it's
being in mexico, a failed state by
many standards, where progress is
a whacky mime of the more serious models going, maybe the beautiful
morning here that Lawrence liked
so much, fresh as on the first day.
having been there is quite an achievement, but as cat steven's
mustafa said, i'm on the way to
find out. i guess i get a kick out of it.
jan and i have wrangled around
cybele, who i think is bee goddess,
linked to tz'ib, 16th day and
writing sign of the Tzolkin, later
version of the Nauatl Tonalamatl,
tz'ib(M)=(bees)wax. and tz'ib=
cipactli(N/day one, the ink dragon
of the Tonalamatl).
my point is, the Tzol/Tona have
to be added to religio-mythography
to give a global picture of the progress of ancinet civs, especially Gobekli, as it helps to know Gobekli(Turk)=bellybutton
bellydance comes at the end of the upper stone age deer epoch of
the raingod, Tlaoc=Rarog, and
represents the decadence of the rougher elements of that age.
the refinements of the deer age
are games, cards, kings, queens,
the continuing orchard age of
booze, also pre-agriculture.
it's being touted as Eden,
but Gobekli does not represent
a beginning, rather the end of
an idyll and a retaking of the trail with the Teomama carrying
the idol, or the Ark, a new
covenant of mankind was forged there, and by no means pleasant,
i believe it was the tribal gangs
we call nations and you call civ.

Jan said...

Hi Damon,

While I agree with you in principle that languages do change over time, and sometimes quickly (in an historical context, a few hundred years, for instance, is a snap of the fingers), eubonics is perhaps not the best example; I don't consider it a language but, rather like hip-hop music is to music in general, a genre of speech. We know that "formal" written language changes much more slowly than every-day language, with its slang and loan words.

The Goddess who was the consort of Yahweh was Asherah, the "Sacred Pole (or Pillar)," was placed in the high places and in enclosures in close proximity to altars where sacrifices were made, both in Israel and in Samaria, prior to the great Jerusalem Temple and after Solomon's time. There were periodic "cleansings" that took place where the Sacred Poles and Pillars were pulled down and burned, but "apostasy" would always come back and the representative of the Goddess would soon once again take her place. In many cases I suspect that the places were originally hers and they were taken over by Yahweh, pre-empting this particular version of the Canaanite goddess, as the Hebrews spread out over Canaan. See for instance, Exodus 34:13. For a direct reference to a King and his Queen (allegorical), check Psalms 45:9, second verse, "The queenly consort has taken her stand at your right hand in gold of Ophir."

I'll have to look up other scriptures, don't have time tonight. If I forget, remind me!

carlos lascoutx said...

...the fiction of priests knows no
bounds, they go with the fashion of the age they're in.
Ya-weh=Ya ue(N)=already big.
Adam=Ad/t/lamati(letra)=atlamati(N)=presume one has the protection of
a powerful person.
in Eden, the snake is phallic=
the apple is red=t/l/red/t/l=
tletl(N)=fire, which Eva/leave is
offered by Promethean Neander.
this fanciful but logical
hook-up with Titan/titlani(N)=
messenger Prometheus is the first evidence of Neander/Eva cross-breeding, later confirmed by
Max Planck.
it is good to know, Elohim
is a plural and the last part of
the Etruscan cave prayer:
ati/atl/water, cathe/ecatl/windHecate,
the Etruscan is first,
the Nauatl 2nd, present day last.
note the reversal of the word,
-lotl Oce- in the last two words
of the 4/naui part prayer=
Ocelotl is the Totem animal
of the cave Venus and regent of
the Tonalamatl birth calendar.
Ocelome are the 2 felines either side of, Tlatla-/flame hole/-tzol-
thea/-teotl at Çatal Hüyuk, as she
sits on her throne=th(r)/tone.
owners, also, he(r)b=h/th/tepe.
mountain is the favorite habitat
of Neander, with water below=
Gorod(Russ)=gor-/mountain water/-od/voda.
the ra's in Torah/Koran=Ra(Egypt)=Ra(Russ)=Volga=(V)ollin ca
(N)=(r)ollin-g being/ca=R/L/Tla-
To-rah=our flame.
Koran=come(to the)flame.
Gobekli is in the background
here, because of fire/flame/tlatla,
because of location. it may be
that it was a holocaust terminous
and the rites were cannibalistic
along the lines found with the
Aztecs half a millenium ago.
history's ironies have no end,
that the arqueos should be german and set to work on their crimes
before nations even existed, but
sent back in time to examine the
from(below)the ground up.
this may be the case at Gobekli,
and the reason it was buried so
carefully, for shame is a powerful
motivator to the short-tailed
the question is: was the climate already dry at 11k bce?
if it was, then we fed on each
other to the tune of whips and
scorpions in the 20 holding pens.
gobekli seemed to have no natural enemys, perhaps because
it was the enemy, situated right
on the migration route at a time
when the happy Tlaloc age of plenty
was undergoing climate change.

carlos lascoutx said...

...for an idea of what the trail
from east to west, west to east was like, let's root the words,
Kurd/khuda, and Caucasus, using
letra-based Nauatl.
cotoni(N)=to pinch, =cotton/cut. they are named for their god=g/cot/d=Gott=G/cotoni
(N)=cut,clod/cloud/cot/gutter, etc.
one of the reasons i don't like to use the word, God/Gott, because it
is a reminder of the deity to whom one sacrificed, even one's own kind. so much for the root history of Kurdish worship.
Cau-cas-us=cautica/cautiquiça(N)=be separated from someone, far from them(in the migrations everyone moved at different speeds,
the old, the jovian young, and the vanguard often had to wait for the rear guard).
Cautiquiça(N)=quiça(N)=squeeze(E),=make a stop on the road(mountains are best).
the 2d part of Cau-cas-us(it's
the gk word, Kaukasa/Caucasa(gk)=
harbor in Chios, eventually goes
on to, Caucus(under the Capitol
dome, and dome because the 2d
shield, plate, bowl).
so, Caucasus=stop on the road,
wait for others to catch up,
make new shields and tableware,
and new bowls for water.
perfectly natural. rest in the
mountains, refresh implements, but
it is the making of shields that
suggests treks of yore as today
were filled with unexpected battles.

carlos lascoutx said...

...the basque homeland, Gu(i)puzcoa=gupida(Basque)=pity, mercy,
the (i) elides, e.g., ch(i)toni(N)=
spark(of fire promethean fire drill)=chthonic(gk)=earth(spark).
the word is quite twisted, but one
can see pity, mercy=love, also,
the gu(i)puz-coa(B)=coatl(N/
day 5 the Tonalamatl)=which is
Eden phallic, Eva/Eve leaves for
the red apple fire of Neander/
Prometheus, ah, coatl(N)=coal,
as in ember. so we have a fire
connexion twice, in Gu(i)puz-coa
and in biblical Eden.
the oldest sister haplo group in europe belongs to the berber/barbar-ian
who called themselves the
Mazyes=mazatl yectli(N)=Deer-yes
people, probably the original
tribe of the (Maz)yectlalli(N)=
Yesland people=yis-r/l/tl-a(e)lli
(letra)=Israel, whose full name
for themselves may have been,
people. the Berbers leave europe by the north african corridor when the glacial of 40k bce begins, but
the Basques are just arriving at
40k bce and settling in their and
Neander's area, with Neander being
the prior resident.
the cold is such that basques
have to move in with Neander as is
reflected in the mideast Eden myth
and the surviving name, Gu(i)puz-
coa, for the basque homeland, the
transfer one thing to another,
as in co(r)pus/cu(er)po.
the pity, mercy, love progression of cup/gupida(B)
agrees perfectly with the promethean nature of the fallen
that is what makes the basque
different from other early races,
i.e., they lived and learned with
Prometheus, the folkways, the medicine/herbalism, weather,
forecasting, early gods, the
language. and later they became
the panoa(N)=people of the crossing, early name which became,
spanish, and from an examination of the first person singular in
both Nauatl/Basque were the
Nauatlaca maritimers who received
the weaving craft evangel of
Quetzalcoatl out of Bithynia on
the Sangarius, were very active
in the sea age beginning 4k bce, had contact with the Olmeca/
Japanese to the point of blending
both languages by way of trade
during the rope age of Metis,
first deity of wisdom.

carlos lascoutx said...

...altho the relics are fake,
the basque province, Gipuzcoa,
it's capitol and port, San Sebastion, was the departure point for the Quetzalcoatl expedition to Amerind, 3309 bce.
Cipactonal, scribe and leader of
expedition. interesting it is
king in greek, the scribe Cipatonal may have been king of Gipuzcoa=gip/sip/cip, or,
script/scribe. also, e-gyp-t.
3309 bce, egypt in diapers,
greeks trading with scyths for wheat, (r) hasn't reached the
iberian peninsula yet, altho
will come through both russia
and egypt. the basques may have
connected with what later is
Bithynia/Sangaria in turkey.
almost completely unknown elite,
which, looking at the Nahoa/
Nauatlaca language, specific
first person singular comparison,
the basques and nauatlaca are the
same me, myself, and i=nehuatl(N)/
nehua ne(N)=nerau/neu/ni(basque);
hmmm, the (r) has entered, which
means the basque Gupizcoa was settled by egypt and greece 3309bc.
behind the myth of Thoth is
the real scribe, the prior navigator of Ra=R/L/Tlatla(N)
on the real voyage to Amerind
(for copper).

carlos lascoutx said...

...the irish polar bear makes sense
in light of Robert Graves remark
that Zeus, a skysnake of the 2d
venus, drove Chronus, his father
and youngest titan=titlani(N)=messenger promethean to a far
british isle=ilantli(N)=old lady,
i(s)lant/i(r)eland/t, which makes
sense of the iueli(N)=powerful(bear)wordstring, which delineates
bearworship in the derivative place names, e.g., iver/iberia=
and it's at inverness we have
brown irish bear making the leap to the arctic. why, because the solstice bear rite of iueli, going
since neandertal prometheus our
messenger, had driven cave bear
on the continent into extinction,
and when Chronus and his crones
arrived Ireland/ilantli(N), the
rite began again on irish black bear, who fled the isles.
the time span involved is about
260k years, from the first sign of Neandertal posited in northeast siberia. the Zeus/Chronus fracas,
if we use weaving villages rising along the danube, earliest=8k bce.
so one has to say, the irish bear's
drive north may have been a combination of better northern banquet with a short push by rite.
nevertheless it bears out(pun)
the wordstring hmmm, the Finns reach Finland at 8k bce. it may be
a matter also of best current going
north and ice floe pattern.

carlos lascoutx said...

...egyptian hieroglyphs put into
sound are a good match for Nauatl.
sourcing Cipactli/Sebastion=
one comes to creator god and crocodile, Sebek/Cipac(N/day one
Tona), first sipper of the Nile.
his wife, Renenutet, is a familiar Nauatl word, still used in mexslang, nene(mex)=baby,=
an in (letra)=R/te nenetl,
the -utet=uteri-nenetl?
in any case, Cipactli is
day one in the Tona, and
Renenutet is the snake, which= Coatl(N/day5 Tona), who is the
harvest goddess, just as
Renenutet guards the harvest
and granarys of Egypt.
so we have a match and source
out of the Tona, who goes on
to Tarot=taroc=Tlaloc(N/rain
deity of deer age)to become
the empress and the star, but
already split in the Tona as,
7 snake/chicome coatl, deity
of feast/empress and famine/
star, she is the 7th day, as
deer is the 7th day in the tona,
of the 7th trecena, quiahuitl/
Renenutet's mythic lineage begins with Mazatl/deer=maz(OHG)=
meat(E), then in the refining
of the Tona, becomes snake//coatl, but doesn't quite shake Tlaloc, rain Diety, god of deer day Mazatl/7, and 7th rain trecena,
then reverse2/7Coatl/snake
gives her form to Cebek's wife
as Egypt creates itself.

carlos lascoutx said...

...the greek for sebek=suchos(Gk).
if you google, Cipactli/Xochitonal,
and scroll down to, social memory in ancient and colonial meso-america. books goodgle, you will
find, Bernadino Sahagún's Historia
general, vol. 1, bk 3,
the Underworld(Mictlan):
...the dying would be told what to expect on the journey to the underworld:
they would pass at first between 2 mountain ranges(which
clash together), and then proceed
on a road watched over by a snake;
there the deceased would be provided with additional paper
coating(mummification was done with
paper/amate first!)and told that they should encounter a green
crocodile(Cipactli)called Xochi-
flowering soul...
there you have Cipactli and
Xochi-tonal and Cipactonal,
leader of Quetzalcoatl expedition,
connected to Sebek and Sobek and
Suchos(Gk). they really did think,
when they were headed west on the
sun's path, they were going to
the Underworld. that perception may have lasted as long as spring snow, but nevertheless, did not come down to us, perhaps the timing, 2 great empires, the
chinese and the egyptian about
to get under way, the mobility of the early sea age, which makes
a child of the sea age of history
at 1.5 k bce.

amon ra;) said...

please excuse me if it sounded like I was calling ebonics a separate language. I personally don't consider it a separate language either. The folks at wiki seem to think otherwise, but what do they know...

Anyways, I want to start this off by addressing that somewhere in one of carlos's posts he refers to basque as neander which always urks me because it is well known that basque is the origin of the supposedly deceased cro-mag populations found in north africa, canary islands, and southern france. The basque origin theory is proven through its high concentration of rh- genes. Interestingly enough alot of people consider these folks a separate species of homo-sapien due to their inability mix genetically with modern homo-sapiens. These reproductive unions generally end with stillborns and complications. Im not one to champion this information, I just thought it would make interesting conversation and it does pertain somewhat to our topic.

Whether or not the relics are real or fake makes no difference, they would just be supporting evidences for something that is becoming common knowledge. I personally think they are very possibly authentic with the exception of a few pieces thrown in the mix for sabotorial purposes. The saboteurs knew doing this would render every excavated item unauthentic. This is made possible due to the motives involved with highly political and religious findings. Regardless, its still interesting.

One linguistic evidence connecting basque with ancient egypt would be the Amazigh's ancient language of Tamazight, still spoken by the mountainous cro-mag populations of Morocco.

The next link i provide will be genetic links of cro-mag population to egypt. It will take some sifting and background knowledge of the different genes and what populations they belong to, but mathilda does a good job of overview summaries
Even Keita, afrocentrics most quoted champion has broke down within the last few years and admitted that the earliest ancient egyptian pharaohs were Mediterranean.

More supporting links i found interesting

carlos lascoutx said...

...let me correct, that Quetzalcoatl was not a completely unknown elite.
through his mother, Ehecatl(N/2 Tonalamatl)/
Hecate/Lady Birdsnake of Belgrade/
2d Venus, the Shuttle/Xiotl(N)Star,
and her Father, Perses, who gives his
name to Persia/Iran, and for whom the
Mayans in Amerinda were the 2d coming of Quetzalcoatl, 2.2k bce, the first coming being, 3309 bce, of the proto-Christ(cf., Mosaic/San Apollinari/
weaving itself reaches Europe
by the Tonatiuh(N)=Tuna/Duna/Danube
river as Hecate ascends to become an
Aryan sky goddess/Lady Birdsnake,
who, from her roost in Belgrade, is
trading Obsidian from another deity,
Tlatla-tzol-teotl(N)=Flame Hole Thea,
who is hunting Aurox at Zatal HÜyuk
with her twin Ocelome/Cheetah=
Chi-Tlatla(N)=on top Flame, proof
of her previous cave status, and
where we find her in a grain bin,
enthroned with Ocelome flanking her. her alternate name,
Cotlapatlapa(N)=papa(Lakota Sioux
Amerind)=Buffalo meat from the hunt=
Pepena-canaua(N)=pile up-hammer flat=
named by French, Amerind Northern tribe, etymology foxed by pimi/grease, which leads us away from
the original Nauatl 2-verb root

carlos lascoutx said... coda to my previous post,
Hecate's father, Perses, is a Titan=
Titlani(N)=Messenger(read Neander/
Neandra Promethean), one of the
sons of Titan, Crius, a Krionides.
Metis, herself is a Titaness
Promethean, known as the rope deity,
Seven Snake, shown on the pectoral
of a 4c bc Roman copy of a Greek
staue of Athena, who, on a 4c ad
staue has an image of Medusa snakes
on her shield.
Medusa=Med/ti/us/a, an offshoot
of Metis is Medusa, snake being rope.
Metis's father is Oceanus, a Titan,
which is appropriate as the Atlantic
Ocean has to be crossed to get to
her in Amerinda.
with the Greeks we have synchronized myth, its geneologys
essential in unravelling previous
connection, e.g., Titans/Titlani(N)can be considered
Neander Promethean, which puts
weaving in their cave also, as one
of their attributes as arctic-
bodied people.
the Inuit called them the Toniti, ancient solar appelation, and said
they were the people before them on
the land. tall, with high collars
to keep out the cold, i.e.,
clothing. this may just refer to
skin and thread and needle at 45k
bce at Kostenkij, Dordogne, southeast
africa, where perforating tool and
needle were found, or, given the expanse of time Neander/Neandra reigned, much, much earlier as
invention is necessity and arises with as many heads as Medusa over

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