Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Legendary Korchnoi

GM Victor Korchnoi has quite the reputation for hating to lose. He has unleased barbed comments on more than one unsuspecting player through the years. One of the most recent players to experience the lash of Korchnoi's tongue was GM Fabiano Caruana of Italy. While doing research on a somewhat related topic in answer to an inquiry from one of the few readers of L'eches des Femmes at Chessville, I came across this video at You Tube, showing that The Great One does have a sense of humor and an exquisite sense of irony :) Kudos to Korchnoi! This is no doubt blasphemy to say but in some ways, he reminds me of my Grandpa Newton; I was very close to him as a girl verging on the edge of adolescence in the early 1960's. He didn't let me get away with any crap when we played poker, checkers or cribbage!

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