Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let It NOT Snow, PLEASE!

What's going on with the weather? Despite the weather guys saying over and over again that this winter will NOT be the same as last winter, Wisconsin is suffering a basic repeat of last year's near record-setting snowfall and, in addition, we've had well below normal bone-chilling temperatures and windchills that have, I believe, set my teeth permanently on edge. Tonight, right around midnight according to the latest forecasts, a massive and fierce thundersnow storm is supposed to start, dumping 2" of snow or more an hour. Gee, rush hour tomorrow morning is going to be a whole lot of fun - NOT! I got finished with the shoveling in the driveway just in time for the new round of snow. Only this snow is supposed to be wet and heavy. Oh great. We may also get snow on Saturday, and more on Sunday, and some more on Tuesday, when dondelion's flight is due in. Oy! I'm keeping my fingers crossed he gets here more or less on time and in one piece, and that we get out of here on time with no travel problems on Christmas Eve. Las Vegas is calling, despite the snow... Yes, even Las Vegas got 3.6" of snow - their first measureable snow since 1979! Unbelievable! This photo is from The New York Times earlier today. Oh crap, I see they changed the photo. I KNEW I should have saved that earlier photograph. Well, here's the story.

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