Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shira Chess Challenge: Final on Portugal!

Shira is back in the USA now and is already busy planning her next trips for the Foundation, Computer Labs for Kids. You can find a photo album of the Portugal kids at the Foundation's website (visit website, then click on "Photos" to be taken to the page with the albums). There are also photo albums from Shira's prior visits to orphanages in India and Israel. On August 9, 2009, Shira was interviewed on radio in Portugal by Sir Owen Gee on his show Solid Gold Sunday Show on KISS FM. Click here to hear the interview that went on the air!!!! You can read more about Kiss FM @ Kiss FM has about 500,000 listeners during the summer time in the Algarve (location of the orphanage Shira visited) I don't understand how all this You Tube video stuff works, but follow this link - I hope it takes you to lots of Shira's videos. By the way - I have challenged Shira to a second training game. I think we still have time to get one in prior to the beginning of our three-game match over Labor Day Weekend :) I'll let you know if she accepts!

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