Saturday, October 24, 2009


GM Susan Polgar is already assembling her line-up for the 2010 SPICE Cup. GM-elect Ray Robson moves from the "B" Group this year to the "A" Group. GM Eugene Perelshteyn and GM Georg Meier are also confirmed for the 2010 "A" Group. "The format of the A group will once again be a 6-player DRR (category 16 or 17) event. The B group will be a 10-player (category 11-12) RR event." A third group will also be added for 2010 - not yet specified! An all women group? A second norm-opportunity group similar in make-up to Group "B"? A combination of the two? I'll be very interested to see what SPICE cooks up for 2010 :)

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