Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tania Sachdev on Walking the Walk

From The Times of India Chess is easier than rampwalk: Tanya CHARU AMAR24 October 2009, 08:42pm IST We caught up with Asian Chess Champion Tanya Sachdev for a tête-à-tête just after the youth icon walked the ramp for the first time for designer duo Ashima-Leena. Here’s what the girl has to say.... How was it being on the ramp for the first time? “After playing chess for so long I always thought walking the ramp would be easy, but now I can easily say that chess is much easier. Initially I had butterflies in my stomach, but once I was there, it was good fun. What made you say ‘yes’ to Ashima-Leena? “As their collection is a dedication to the cause of creating a green Delhi, and a welcome to the commonwealth games – being a sports woman, I had a dual reason to support them. Tell us something about the dress you are wearing... I love this dress that Ashima-Leena has chosen for me. It’s very beautiful and comfortable. What’s your personal style statement? Being into sports, one can usually find me sporting a jeans and T, though I love dressing up like this. Any message you would like to give to the city? “I think the presence of each one of us in this show gave out the message that it’s our city, have a heart for it and love it!

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