Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bank Vault Hides Treasures of a Bankrupt

Updated: 10:52 PM Oct 27, 2009 Ancient Artifacts Found In A Lincoln Bank Lincoln One man, down on his luck, is finally getting a break. The man, who owned an antique and collectibles shop in Lincoln, went bankrupt years ago. He has been struggling financially ever since. But his situation could be looking up, thanks to an unusual find. Posted: 6:55 PM Oct 27, 2009 Reporter: Erika Tallan The Nebraska State Treasurer's office stumbled upon unclaimed property that was turned over to them from a Wells Fargo Bank. According to State Treasurer, Shane Osborn, the property was sitting in a safe deposit box for nearly 7 years. What's unusual, is that the collection consists of ancient artifacts ranging back to 2500 b.c., including an Egyptian Pharaoh mask, Roman and Greek pottery, Phoenician daggers and African spears. Osborn said a research specialist tracked down the owner of all the items. The researcher found the 65-year-old man living in a hotel in Oregon and getting by on food stamps. Turns out, the man owned an antiques and collectibles business in Lincoln but he went bankrupt. When the man became bankrupt, he thought the bank re-possessed his collection. The State Treasurers Office won't release the identity of the man because they are concerned for his welfare as he'll soon be worth more than a $200,000. "That's why we always tell people, keep looking cause this gets turned over to us all the time, not always something this cool, but we get stuff turned over to us all the time," said Shane Osborn, Nebraska State Treasurer. The office is shipping the property to an undisclosed location in Oregon Tuesday.
Interesting. I wonder if the Trustee in the original bankruptcy read the same article. He or she might want to investigate whether there was some fraud here...

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