Thursday, March 18, 2010

European Individual Women's Chess Championship

Open mouth insert foot!  I spoke too soon about GM Monika Socko winning the Women's Bronze Medal.  Play-offs going on today.  I think I also mentioned board prizes in my post yesterday - well, duh, Jan - there are no board prizes because this isn't a team event. That's what happens when one is tired and trying to post and make sense.  Oh well.

So, I'm at the official website for the Championships trying to figure out who won the women's Bronze medal and I'm not finding what I need.  Then I checked to see who the qualifiers are for - not sure what the hell (either the Women's World Chess Championship or the World Cup - maybe the former since the last World Cup was last year and the previous WWCC was in 2008, won by GM Alexandra Kosteniuk in Nalchick [where?] - somewhere in the region where all the unrest has occurred in Russia).  Can't find them either. Then I check under "News" and find this:

... and for the bronze medal there were 5 player playing rapid tie-breaks. After 3 rounds, the 3rd place was won by the Polish Monika Socko.  ... 14 female players qualified for the World Championships.

I'm so glad Socko was able to confirm third place for herself.  She had a good tournament and really impressed me.  Not that impressing me means anything, darlings! 

So, that's about that for this year.

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