Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hales Corners Chess Challenge XI

Photos of the action, received from Tom Fogec.  Thanks, Tom.

Photo 1:  The Huang sisters (Alena and Joanna) on adjoining boards

Photo 2:  Sandra Pahl on the left and Susie Ulrich on the right

Photo 3:  Isabella Ilchenko defeating Bud Burgin who, I was gently told, is not really Santa Claus

Chess Life Online did a nice cover on the HCCC XI and Goddesschess' sponsorship was prominently mentioned - along with new sponsorship by the North American Chess Association!  Congratulations once again to all of the players.  Some of us Goddesschess folk will be putting out heads together tomorrow evening over dinner in Las Vegas to discuss what we can to to encourage more chess femmes to play in the HCCC XII, which will be held this fall.  Stay tuned!

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