Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scientific Islam: Iran Fundies Say Promiscuous Women Cause Earthquakes...

Darlings!  Writing this evening from Sin City USA - fabulous Las Vegas!  I'm wiling away some time before my dinner plans later this evening.  The weather is like Milwaukee's, LOL!  Honestly, Isis swears, it was in the 80s yesterday, and so I heard the weather people on local television lamenting earlier today :)

Now tell me - how can a woman be promiscuous unless a man is there to take advantage?  Evidently, under the fundamentalist view of Islam, men of faith are soooooo weak they just cannot help themselves when it comes to an alluring woman whispering sweet nothings in their ear.  Poor dudes.  So easily led by their - er, nether parts.  It's amazing any men have survived at all - except they seem to be exempt from the punishment for performing the sin of fornication. It's the women who bear the brunt - they are stoned to death.

I'll bet a lot of those Islamic fundy dudes are haunted, too, by the spirits of the innocent women they have caused to be put to death.... No wonder Islamic fundies are scared to death of women.  So scared, in fact, they cover them from head to foot in burkas and chadras and etc. and those wicked floosies STILL manage to seduce unsuspecting Muslim dudes and be promiscuous.  It's a miracle, I tell ya.  Maybe the Pope should investigate.

Oh - this is a real hoot - the article is from The Salt Lake City Tribune.   Mormon jokes, anyone?  LOL!

Iranian cleric says promiscuous women cause earthquakes
The Associated Press
Updated: 04/21/2010 01:47:17 PM MDT

Beirut » A senior Iranian cleric says women who wear revealing clothing and behave promiscuously are to blame for earthquakes.

Iran is one of the world's most earthquake-prone countries, and the cleric's unusual explanation for why the earth shakes follows a prediction by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that a quake is certain to hit Tehran and that many of its 12 million inhabitants should relocate.

"Many women who do not dress modestly ... lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which [consequently] increases earthquakes," Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi was quoted as saying by Iranian media.

Women in the Islamic Republic are required by law to cover from head to toe, but many, especially the young, ignore some of the more strict codes and wear tight coats and scarves pulled back that show much of the hair.

"What can we do to avoid being buried under the rubble?" Sedighi asked during a prayer sermon Friday. "There is no other solution but to take refuge in religion and to adapt our lives to Islam's moral codes."  [Dude, how about getting rid of unsafe buildings and rebuilding them with all those billions of oil revenue the Islamic Republic is supposedly earning - oh, sorry, forgot - that is being funneled into Swiss accounts of the top 200,000 or so in the Republican Guard...]

Seismologists have warned for at least two decades that it is likely the sprawling capital will be struck by a catastrophic quake in the near future.

Some experts have even suggested Iran should move its capital to a less seismically active location. Tehran straddles scores of fault lines, including one more than 50 miles (80 kilometers) long, though it has not suffered a major quake since 1830.

In 2003, a powerful earthquake hit the southern city of Bam, killing 31,000 people -- about a quarter of that city's population -- and destroying its ancient mud-built citadel.

"A divine authority told me to tell the people to make a general repentance. Why? Because calamities threaten us," said Sedighi, Tehran's acting Friday prayer leader.

Referring to the violence that followed last June's disputed presidential election, he said, "The political earthquake that occurred was a reaction to some of the actions (that took place). And now, if a natural earthquake hits Tehran, no one will be able to confront such a calamity but God's power, only God's power. ... So let's not disappoint God."

The Iranian government and its security forces have been locked in a bloody battle with a large opposition movement that accuses Ahmadinejad of winning last year's vote by fraud.

Ahmadinejad made his quake prediction two weeks ago but said he could not give an exact date. He acknowledged that he could not order all of Tehran's 12 million people to evacuate. "But provisions have to be made. ... At least 5 million should leave Tehran so it is less crowded," the president said.

Minister of Welfare and Social Security Sadeq Mahsooli said prayers and pleas for forgiveness were the best "formulas to repel earthquakes."

"We cannot invent a system that prevents earthquakes, but God has created this system and that is to avoid sins, to pray, to seek forgiveness, pay alms and self-sacrifice," Mahsooli said.

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