Saturday, April 24, 2010

Judit Polgar v. David Navara Match in Prague

I didn't even know this match had taken place until I got home from vacation tonight and checked Susan Polgars' chess blog. Judit played stellar chess.  From the official website 

ČEZ CHESS TROPHY 2010 | 24.04.2010
Judit Polgar has decided the result in the 5-th game already
The best woman chess player in the world has already won over the best Czech chess player during the second day of the match. The trophy made by a sculptor Ludek Vondra will find its new home in Hungary. The only question left is the overall score.

At the 4-th game of the match Judit Polgar had the white pieces. However David Navara quickly and easily manage to equalize the position and towards the endgame he manage to win a pawn. However at the end he exceeded his time. At the 5-th game the Hungarian player played better game and she had decided the destiny of the match. At 6-th game David Navara techniques during the rook ending was excellent and he manage to change the overall results of the match to 1,5 – 4,5.

On Sunday 24 April 2010 the lecture by Lubomir Kavalek is scheduled, the topic will be 'Chess bad girls and princesses', in addition the two last remaining games will be played.

On Sunday 25 April at BW Kampa Hotel, Judit Polgar is going to play a simul against 25 competitors including well-known business personalities or politicians, among others: the minister of interior Martin Pecina, the director of Dopravni stavby Brno Vlastimil Chladek, the director of PORG gymnasium Vaclav Klaus or director of CSOB Jan Lamser. The full tournament's programme is listed here.

The chess festival ČEZ CHESS TROPHY 2010 is held by the Prague Chess Society.

Final result and game scores from Susan Polgar's blog.  Congratulations to GM Judit Polgar.  A PR of 2901.

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