Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hmmmm, what is this?

This was posted as a message yesterday under the update to the Hales Corners Challenge XI. I've no idea what it says or even what language it is. I was going to delete it in case it's something pornographic or sinister (like Jan Newton is going to assasinate Vladimir Putin at the earliest opportunity ... or, even worse, Jan Newton is a founding member of the Tea Party, watch out for her she is not as she seems! Ach!)

But then I thought - since I cannot read it, it might be a legitimate message - don't know. Can anyone out there help me out and give me an idea of what this is about? The series of numbers at the end of the message is intriguing - what are they?

念阿彌陀佛往生西方極樂世界 said...
阿彌陀佛 無相佈施


之為腥。所謂「葷腥」即這兩類的合稱。 葷菜
(重定向自五辛) 佛家五葷



興渠另說為洋蔥。) 肉 蛋 奶?!

念楞嚴經 *∞窮盡相關 消去無關 證據 時效 念阿彌陀佛往生西方極樂世界

不婚 不生子女 生生世世不當老師

log 二0.3010 三0.47710.48 五0.6990 七0.8451 .85
root 二1.414 1.41 三1.732 1.73五 2.236 2.24七 2.646
=>十3.16 π∈Q' 一點八1.34

April 17, 2010 11:43 PM


Ms. Betty said...

Um, I tried running it through Babel Fish.

I translated it as Chinese to English, Japanese to English and Korean to English.

None of the results were terribly coherent but Chinese was the best.

Apparently it is a comment about five "forbidden" strong smelling vegetables.

Not sure at all if that helps.

Ms. Betty said...

As translated by babelfish:

The modern times blackmail the name to include animalistic ingredient dining food “the meat dish”, in fact this was calls it rank in the ancient times. So-called “the meat” namely these two kinds gather the name. Meat dish Wiki hundred branches, free encyclopedia (heavy direction detection from five forbidden strong-smelling vegetables) Buddhist five strong smelling vegetables Is called the five forbidden strong-smelling vegetables in addition in the Buddhist, vegetables of the five kind of pungent. According to "Strictly after" records, the Buddhist five strong smelling vegetables for the garlic, the native Chinese garlic, are popular the ditch, the kind onion, 茖 the onion; The five strong smelling vegetables live feed increase the resentment, causes the human testiness; The prepared food sends obscenely, multi-desires. [1] "Book on Chinese medicine Prepares Wants" explains the cloud: “kind onion, winter onion; 茖 onion, Shan Cong; Is popular the ditch, the western region vegetable, the cloud is China sui.” Is popular the ditch to discuss separately for the onion.) Meat egg milk?! Reads strictly after *∞ exhausts eliminates the irrelevant evidence effectiveness to read Amida Buddha related to be reborn in paradise the Western heaven of heavens I want to make my behavior reacting force not to marry do not give birth to a boy the female generation after generations do not work as teacher

Jan said...

Thank you for your assistance, Ms. Betty.

After reading your Babelfish translation, my guess is that this is an advertisement for a type of cookbook, but when I copied the text into the post, the url links were deleted.

LOL! Personally, I do not have a problem with onion and garlic aromatics - they add a lot of flavor to foods (particularly meats that must be cooked for a long time), but one who cooks with such aromatics should be sure to wash their clothes, bodies and hair afterwards, and brush teeth thoroughly and use mouthwash, as the scent tends to cling and linger. It is not a pleasant experience to have a person who smells of garlic sitting in front of you on the bus ride to work in the morning (or coming home in the evening, for that matter).

Thanks again!


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