Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Family Civil War Story Uncovered

Oh this is so stupid - I should have been in bed hours ago.  Right now I feel about 95% human again, but tomorrow morning - ha! 

But tonight I just couldn't stop tracking down bits and pieces of a family Civil War story that I had recorded in an old diary on - get this - July 4, 1976 (USA's Bicentennial celebration).

Too long to go into tonight, and still too many details to hammer down.  I will write it here when it is ready.  I already sent the gist of things to Rose, who is helping me research at ancestry.com.  She is married to a relative of mine from the Belanger side of the family and has been researching for much longer than I! 

I'm very tired right now, and very emotional.  It's a sad story, although I expect that some people may think it's quite heroic.

I'll get back to blogging tomorrow, (hopefully) now that I'm feeling almost back to my old self.  I'm even going to try sleeping in my actual bed tonight, rather than upright in my recliner.  I have the windows open - it warmeed to way past 80 degrees F today and damn, it was HOT when I got out of work this evening.  Time to enjoy a scrub-up and then zzzzz'sss.

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