Thursday, November 18, 2010

60th Russian Women's Super Final 2010

The official site is in Russian and I'm tough out of luck there.  It takes me about 25 minutes just to deciper a single word because of the Cyrillic alphabet the Russians use.  I need a table of letters and then a translator in order to figure out what was written.  There are easier ways to live, trust me on that, darlings :)

The following information is from The Week in Chess:
60th ch-RUS w Moscow (RUS), 16-27 xi 2010cat. IX (2458)
1.Kosintseva, NadezhdamRUS2576*.....1.1..13
2.Galliamova, AlisamRUS2487.*.½1....1..2729
3.Paikidze, NaziwgGEO2401..*....1.½.12756
4.Pogonina, NatalijawgRUS2472.½.*.1....½.22568
5.Kosteniuk, AlexandragRUS2507.0..*...1.1.22560
6.Bodnaruk, AnastasiamRUS2407...0.*.½.1..2480
7.Nebolsina, VerawgRUS23770.....*½...12545
8.Kosintseva, TatianagRUS2581..0..½½*....12270
9.Shadrina, TatianawgRUS23840...0...*.1.12381
10.Matveeva, SvetlanamRUS2389.0½..0...*..½2158
11.Girya, OlgawgRUS2435...½0...0.*.½2181
12.Gunina, ValentinawgRUS24790.0...0....*0

A long way to go yet - 8 rounds.  I don't expect wonder WGM Valentina Gunina to stay on "0" for very long!  The question everyone wants to answer is what shape is GM Alexandra Kosteniuk in?  In December she will be defending her world chess champion title against a lot of hungry competitors.  I would say that over the past year or so, her tournament results have been good, but not outstanding.  She has had some great wins and also some not-so-good showings.  To be fair, she is balancing married life and motherhood with a chess career where she is playing all around the world. I can't imagine doing that, not on a sustained basis.  How wearing that must be - just the constant travel and adjustment to different time zones and climate changes, and then of course everyone is taking pot-shots at you because you are at the top and they all want that title and crown.  And then there is the constant worry and loneliness of being away from your spouse and children for long stretches of time.  Ach!  I'm glad I do what I do :)

You can also find games from Rounds 1 and 2 at GM Alexandra Kosteniuk's blog.

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