Thursday, December 2, 2010

Aquaprofit - Polgar Chess Day 2010

This past Saturday (November 27, 2010), the three lovely and world-famous Polgar sisters, Susan, Sophia and Judit, reunited in their home town, Budapest, Hungary, for a full day of chess and chess-related activities under the auspices and sponsorship of Aquaprofit.  Susan Polgar has a summary of the event at her blog, including a video of a game between she and Judit! 

There was another game the two sisters played in separate rooms with live audiences and as they made their moves on a board, they explained their thought processes behind each move.  The moves were relayed to the other player who then did the same in the other room.  How fascinating - I would have loved to be in either audience to get such insight into the workings of a mind of a great grandmaster! 

I grabbed this photo from Susan Polgar's blog.  It is Susan Polgar and Judit Polgar, obviously having a great time and looking gorgeous.  Their affection for each other is clear.  An altogether lovely photo.

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