Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter Is Here

Driveway after a couple of shovel passes.
After a quick lunch, I noticed the sun was trying to break through the clouds and it had stopped snowing.  So, I put on my hat, rubber bottomed-slippers and gloves, grabbed my shovel (after spraying it with silicone) and cleaned off the deck. That is first priority here as that's where the squirrels come to be fed :) 

Then I headed out to the front, cleared my small porch and worked a quick path to the road.  The snow was not light and fluffy as promised, it was fricking wet and heavy!  And, while I was out there, the wind whipped up from the northeast and it started snowing again.  But I got a start, anyway.
Looking to the southeast.
I'm still wrestling with the desktop upstairs.  I implemented another fix, I will run up there after this post, open IE, and see if it worked.

In the meantime, I took some photos of our first measurable snowfall down south here.  Up north (Michigan/Wisconsin border and Minnesota/Wisconsin border) there was a lot of measurable snow a couple of weeks ago.
Looking to the northeast from the front porch.  Buster,
one of my buddies from next store, is near the corner
line of the fence.

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